About the Course

The planner’s responsibility is to derive insights that inspire and direct the creation of ideas. The objective is to, through insights fuelled ideas, ensure communication and activities that are so relevant that they strengthen the relationship between brands and people. Be it in B2C or B2B context – the approach is the same. 

The planner’s task is to generate knowledge about brands, categories, competitors, contextual currents and the people we want to engage. And then transform this understanding into insights, and develop insights driven communications strategies. This means that a planner is as creative as the creatives, but with a different angle.

This Berghs course in planning is intended for senior communicators working in ad agencies or marketing departments who wish to sharpen their ability to create effective communication and activities. And the aim of the course is to introduce senior communicators and marketers to a planning oriented approach.


  Listen to course director Annika Rehn talk about the course


Course Content

  • Quantitative and qualitative tools
  • How to generate insight
  • How to develop an effective communication strategy
  • Analytical and strategic models

Course director
Annika Rehn, Sweden’s first planner, is Planning Director and CSO at Lowe Brindfors. Annika has planned on prestigious national and international brands. Annika introduced the Planning discipline in market communication in Sweden.

Upon completion of the course the student will receive a course certificate.


Spring 2013
Dates: January 28th and 29th. February 4th and 11th

Requirements for application

You should be familiar with the theory of marketing and marketing communications, and alsohave a few years practical experience as a project manager, marketing directoror production manager. You may also be a senior creative with an interest incommunication strategy.

Your application should include a short desciption of yourself (about one A4 page) where you explain your reasons for applying to this course, plus a resumé of your work experience and educational background.

For more information contact c.sjodin@berghs.se.