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Winners of Berghs Follow Through Award are announced!

Many people, companies and agencies have an outspoken vision. But only a few really follow through on it in every aspect of their behavior. These inspirers are not only setting an example for the fields they operate in, they are an inspiration for all of us. They deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded for the work they do. We’ve created an award to honor and celebrate them for sticking to their vision through thick and thin.

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An article in Prime's newsletter

Our beloved copywriter Anna wrote an article for the newsletter of PR-agency Prime! The article deals with how modern communication needs to focus around honesty, transparency and long term commitment. It's in Swedish and can be read here!

Studio Lisa Bengtsson

Lisa Bengtsson graduated from Berghs in 2007 and immediately started her own Studio built upon the pattern designs and wallpaper she created for her graduation project at the 2007 Berghs Exhibition. Today her business has grown to include pattern designs for porcelain, posters, cloth and more.

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Anna Jadvi & Anna Blomberg documented the site Slussen as their graduation project at Berghs School of Communication 2012. The project is an artistic interpretation of Slussen and a non-political documentation of the site in year 2012. Their goal is that their documentation can serve as historical perspective in the future.

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Henric Eugèn Bergström graduated from Berghs School of Communication in 2010. Together with his friend Kristoffer Cras he created the concept for their novel Svenneskräp. The novel is an investigation of what happens when Sweden gives up. What happens when society breaks down and all hope is gone? The story follows three different people in a fictitious urban district and the concept of the novel challenges a lot of conventions of how present a story. 

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Anna Lindberg Malmström, Emelie Lindh and Frida Mathilde Agnaes graduated from Berghs in 2012. As their graduation project they set out to create a collection of wallpaper and start an interdiciplinary design agency - Klärobskyr.

Tell us about your project!

Viewing the wallpaper market got us to realise two things. First, we felt a lack of diversity in the supply of wallpapers. Second, we thought ...


Petter Hollström graduated from Berghs SoC in 2006. With his graduation project Petter wanted to explore the core of a brand. He set out to create a non-visual driven brand and ended up founding his own fashion label; Odeur, that use a specific white, light and clean scent instead of a visual logotype to label the graphic and dramatic yet playful garments.

Today Odeur is designed by Petter and Gorjan Lauseger and has spread to 25 countries, selling jeans, outerwear, accessories ...

Don't just do, follow through!

It’s easy to say that action speaks louder than words. The hard part is to act in accordance with what you want to say.

In times when companies are being thoroughly scrutinised, total transparency isn’t far away. Act to build credibility is key. In order to succeed with sustainable business and communication, you need to be persistent. A 360-degree campaign is not enough to reach out anymore. You have to do what you do with conviction 24/7, 365 days ...