This full-time program is in Swedish.Art director / Copywriter is a two-year full time education for those seeking a professional career as copywriters or art directors. The aim of the education is to develop the practical skills and analytical and strategic competence necessary to work as a creative in integrated marketing communications and advertising.The course of study includes both visual and written communication. Theoretical and strategic topics are interwoven with practical exercises. The integration of the advertising skills of copywriting and art direction mirrors the needs of the contemporary market and the demand for greater flexibility. 

Diploma Education Contents

The education provides knowledge, analytical tools and methodologies necessary for problem solving within advertising and integrated marketing communications. Theoretical assignments are mixed with practical exercises that are directly applicable in a professional role.The education is divided into a series of courses including: copywriting, graphic design, idea and concept development, communications theory, typography, positioning, branding, dramaturgy, design and advertising history, image analysis, cultural studies, advertising law, pitching, consumer behavior, marketing analysis, tracking, corporate identity and design management. Students work across all advertising media and methodologies including: print, film, interactive media, outdoor, business to business, corporate advertising, direct marketing, viral, ambient, guerrilla marketing TV, event and radio. 

Course Structure

The education is two years of full-time study. The pedagogical form of the course is a mixture of lectures, seminars, workshops and group and individual projects. A large-scale examination project runs parallel with the courses in the final term. Five weeks of practical training at advertising agency are also included.The education places an emphasis on working over traditional disciplines and students work directly with students in the other programs. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a completed high-school/college education with good grades in Swedish, English. Students should have at least six months relevant professional experience from the professional workplace and experience of working with both Mac and PC computer platforms. Students must also complete a number of entry assignments in their application.