Berghs students win two pencils and four cubes in The Young Ones

In the 2018 edition of One Show's student competition, 10% of the finalists were student groups from Berghs – and they took home six awards. Here are all the awarded entries.

“The Young Ones” is the student part of The One Show, one of the world’s premiere award ceremonies in the communication category. Every year, hundreds of entries from students and schools from all over the globe compete for a Pencil or a Cube, both of which are awarded in three classes – gold, silver and bronze – in the different categories.

This year the jury chose 392 finalists among the entries, and 41 of these finalists were student groups from Berghs. Just the fact that Berghs students account for 10% of the finalists is amazing, and even more amazing is that six of these entries took home an award. Here are the winning projects, together with a comment from each student group:

Eytys Cruise Collection Campaign (bronze cube)

Student group: Alvin Marelius, Anna Salonen, Danial Ali and Ida Jonsson

The students who created this campaign are attending the last year of the Communication Design program. The created this pitch for Eytys as part of their education. The course was arranged by Berghs in collaboration with Chimney Group, who also recruited the client and supported the students in the creative work. The task was to create moving online material for Eytys launch of their spring collection.

Comment from the student group:

“In April this year, the fashion brand Eytys released a shoe collection inspired by French post-impressionist Henri Rousseau’s art. Rousseau’s most famous works are exotic despite the fact that he never left France and therefore never visited a jungle. Instead, he spent hours in botanical gardens imagining the world outside. To create a modern manifestation of his art, we placed our movie in two layers: the models and the objects in one, the background in another. Despite the fact that they’re shown together, they never exist in the same physical room.”

Honest Protein (bronze cube)

Honest Protein, belönad med bronskub i The Young Ones

Student group: Arvid Nilsson, Tom Hallgren and Jesper Nilsson Böös

Comment from the student group:

”The health trend is no longer a trend, it’s a fact. We train more than ever and before and protein today is limited to a conscious target group. And we see a lack of an easy accessible protein without additives. We believe that Arla has the chance to reach out to a new target group and they have the possibility to produce a cheaper whey and casein protein. Our concept is based on the way you shake your protein powder and the movement of people in motion”

Google Greenlinks (bronze cube)

Student group: Ida Jonsson and Simon Magnusson

Comment from the student group:

“Google Greenlinks is a simple idea with an ambitious goal – to build a greener internet. Today data centers, the internet’s “physical place”, contribute more to the carbon dioxide emissions than the whole airline industry. 

Since Google is carbon neutral, our idea is to help consumers see who isn’t through their search engine. By turning links stored in carbon neutral data centers from blue to green, Google will make it easy to see which companies care about the environment.  People will be able to take a stand by showing green links only, and smaller businesses can join the green wave by hosting their websites on Google’s green servers.”

Rexona Pace (bronze cube)

Student group: Emelie Svensson, Mikaela Sandström, Disa Hein and Lisa Liljenberg

Comment from the student group:

”Our ambition was to communicate something new for an industry that hasn’t fully adapted to the current development in communication. Our goal was to create something ethical, modern and unexpected. Our brand of choice was Rexona, who with their gender focused products could need a new take on identity and tone. By creating a product that feels contemporary and not locked into gender stereotypes, we can shine a light on how much the world of deodorants has stagnated. We created a new identity for the brand, a unisex product and a digital campaign focusing on video. Movement became the connection to our new client–Rexona. Everybody moves, everybody sweats. Sweat is unisex.”

An Opioid Victims Remix (silver pencil)

Student group: Victor Lindkvist  (AD), Simon Magnusson (Copy) and Alvin Marelius (Communication Design)

A comment from the student group: ”We wanted to work with the opioid normalization within music, and the genre SoundCloud rap. Since the young artist Lil Peep died of an overdose last year, he has been mourned wide by the music industry.

Our goal was to bring awareness to the opioid crisis through the world of sound – or more correctly – the absence of it. By letting all Lil Peep’s songs end with a voiceless minute, we want to make people raise theirs on the day of his death. A minute of silence for all the victims of the opioid epidemic. We call it An Opioid Victims remix.”

Create Intervention (bronze pencil)

Student group: Signe Belfiore, Anna Thofte, Erik Nyström and David Lie.

A comment from the student group: “An epidemic of abuse that silently isolates and kills 70 000 people in the US every year – from all layers of society – demands a big medaphone. When a relative has a problem with abuse we instinctively wnt to gather the closest ones for an intervention. Despite the fact that we live our lives online today, there’s no obvious solution for online interventions. When we realized this we understood that this would be our solution. The megaphone naturally became Facebook. To have a feature that points the light on something dark and taboo in Facebook’s context spreads much needed consciousness in a perforce inexorable way. We see the feature per se as a first step, a continuation and a complement to physical interventions. It shouldn’t be harder than it already is to support a close one with substance abuse problems.”