Vinnarna av Berghs Festival FROM CHAOS Award

I samband med Berghs årliga festival, denna gången med temat FROM CHAOS, blev fyra studentteam utsedda till vinnare i tävlingskategorierna Best Creative Team Award, Best Impact Team Award, Most Forward Thinking Team och The ‘je ne sais quoi’ Team Award. Se hela prisutdelningen och en lista på alla lyckliga Berghs Festival FROM CHAOS Award-vinnare nedan.

Skrivet av Respina Gholinia
Juni 1, 2021


Vinnare av Best Creative Team Award
Shades of Malignity
Arbetsgrupp: Ivan Trip, Henrik Billing, Julia Holtback Yeter

Juryns kommentar: ”Bold and brave in a surprisingly conservative category, excellent writing and production, powerful and focused idea with huge PR power. All while considering a wider range of skin types”

Vinnare av Best Impact Team Award
The Clean Up Prenup
Arbetsgrupp: Idah Emteryd, Elsa Henriksson, Gustav Brodin, Irene Hagman, Josefina Norén, Madeleine Linderholm, Santino Mariano

Juryns kommentar: ”Brilliantly simple, works with all kinds of homes and families, encourages packaging reuse, a consistent scoreboard in the home with smart gamification. All without digital gimmick”

Vinnare av Most Forward Thinking Team
Nya faderskapstestet
Arbetsgrupp: Sofie Edman, Jonatan Ahlin, Rebecca Helland, Nina Garp, Stefan Dittmer, Isabel Garcia Toivanen, Tobias Looft, Eleonore Bergh

Juryns kommentar: ”A great way to support dads to become more comfortable with parenthood, we’d love to see this expanded to more parent groups (same sex etc.), but shows how small nudges can lead to better longterm families”

Vinnare av The ‘je ne sais quoi’ Team Award
The Vapemask
Arbetsgrupp: Oskar Engman, Peter Holtze

Juryns kommentar: ”We’re really rewarding a team that’s proved to be consistently excellent, with great production, great writing and provocative ideas, often built on great insights. They really do have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes them unique”