Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA

If you choose to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco, you will complete your first semester at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and then continue on to finish your studies at AAU in San Francisco.

You can choose between four different Majors in San Francisco:

The Advertising Major offers three different specialisations in Copywriting, Creative Strategy, Art Direction.

About the school

With more than 13,000 students from 80 countries, Academy of Art University is the largest private Art School in the US. Founded in 1929, AAU has a long tradition as a professional art school and, since its current president Elisa Stephens took office in 1992, has been a pioneer in integrating IT into the various programs. The motto of AAU is to hire “established professionals to teach future professionals.” For example, an animation teacher may work at Pixar Studios, while another may be on the board for Adobe.

By combining academic studies with vocational courses AAU is able to ensure that their students are well prepared for their chosen professional career.


Length of study

3 to 3,5 years full-time study (1 semester at Berghs, 6 semesters at Academy of Art University, San Francisco)


Semesters at AAU run from January to the end of May and from August until late December

Course Fee

Between about USD 70.000 and 85.000, depending on how many units you take and on how many you transfer from your previous studies. There will be additional costs for enrollment, visa, health insurance and study materials.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of Art University


AUU degrees are STEM approved. This is a rather unique status for Art School Degrees as the STEM certification usually applies to degrees of high technical value within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (hence the name). Those who complete a STEM degree are entitled to apply for a visa extension and can stay in the US and work for a few years after graduation. This is a great recognition of the technical value of AAU’s degrees, it also means that you have the opportunity to stay in the US  after graduation and start your career there.