Video Basics

Learn Premiere Pro and After Effects with your very first film project. Get to know Adobe’s industry-standard software and see how to use it together to create your first film project. Through video-recorded classes and practical assignments, you learn the software at your own pace. This plug&play course is for anyone who wants to learn Video basics and is a good first step to other motion design studies.


Software Basics


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Course Content

The course covers the core functionalities of Premiere Pro and After Effects. After learning the basics of film and camera settings, you’ll dig right into the software and build both technical skills and confidence, step by step. 

You’ll develop good workflow habits by choosing the right tool for the job and discover how the different applications work together harmoniously. The course challenges you with a series of video tutorials and practical exercises as you create your first film project.

This self-paced course builds your skills in:

– Premiere Pro

– After Effects

After completing the course, you have a good foundation that allows you to practice further on your own. You might also discover a new passion through this course and decide to push yourself and apply to other motion graphics and film courses at a higher level. In this case your newly-built software skills will come in handy. View your course progression options within this subject below.

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