About Berghs

At Berghs, we love all forms of communication and we are driven by people fulfilling their potential. Our goal is to keep educating the best communicators of the future, something we have done since 1941.

Powering development – yesterday, today, tomorrow

We’re often described as a world leading school within communication. In Cannes, we have been awarded “School of the Year” on six occasions in the international competition AKQA’s Future Lions, competing against more than 60 schools from 40 countries. During the ten years that the competition has been held, Berghs has received the main award in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010 and 2009. Our students are sought after for their ability to quickly translate their knowledge into action, and 97% have a job in their field of study within six months of graduation. So what’s the key?

Creative innovation

At Berghs we know that communication contributes to finding innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We believe in integration – among students, programs, disciplines, subjects, the industry, agencies, entrepreneurs and organizations. That’s why we need to prepare each individual with an understanding of processes which helps them stay up to date in a time of fast paced change.
Our firm belief is that communication makes a real difference in society. Berghs works in close collaboration with the communication industry to ensure that our students are up to date and at the forefront of what the industry deems relevant. What makes us different from most schools, is our action-based pedagogy where real-life case work is at the heart of all of our courses. All of our courses are taught by top industry professionals.

From knowledge to skills

Today it’s easy to stay up-to-date by taking part of the ever increasing flow of information, but at Berghs we want to take it one step further by transforming knowledge into skills. That happens when you balance knowledge, practice, reflection, and feedback. Our promise is to offer communication education in creativity, strategy, and creative innovation that can be translated into action immediately.

Hub for communication

The importance of networks keeps increasing every day, and Berghs is an important hub for communication in Sweden. Here, thousands of professionals and students meet, interact and update their knowledge every year. At Berghs, new and exciting collaborations happen on a regular basis.

We track and analyze trends, how the communication industry is developing, how changes in society and technology affect people and the marketplace, and much more. Our insights are curated in our trend report “According to Berghs”.

Berghs offers education within all major disciplines of communication, which makes us unique. We educate those who want to get into the industry and those who want to develop their skills mid-career. Success to us is when our students get their first job, elevate their careers, or gain the confidence to take on new roles within their field of work.

We believe that everything communicates.