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We’re often described as a world-leading communication school. In the last five years, Berghs’ students have continued to impress at several international competitions receiving many awards, ranking Berghs amongst the top creative schools worldwide.

Take a look at examples of student work that won us awards in the past few years.

Who We Are

At Berghs, we believe in integration – among students, programs, disciplines, subjects, the industry, agencies, entrepreneurs, and organizations. No silos.

Action-based learning is our philosophy. We provide students with theories and tools. Then we asked them to apply that to a practical case. Learning by doing.

Only industry-professionals as instructors. We have few permanent teaching staff at Berghs but a faculty that hires industry professionals and help them to pass their knowledge on to the students. This way content is always fresh and students learn straight from the industry.

Our values

Berghs is a values-driven company. We care about the society that we work in and keep ourselves continuously updated on challenges and solutions that are connected to both our environment and people. We work in an inclusive way and want to contribute to solving real problems. Two of our core values are development and inclusion, which means that we are open to change and finding creative ways of working.

Core values

We stand up for people’s equal worth and are convinced that diversity and inclusion create the optimal circumstances for learning and creativity.

Together, we create a safe environment where creativity can thrive and we dare to test new ideas.

We believe in the positive effects of a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and different ways of thinking and solving problems.

We stand up for an equal culture, and show in words and actions that we support one another.

We use the power of creative problem solving and collaboration in teams.

We want all our employees to experience well-being, feel engagement and take responsibility in the workplace. How we behave towards each other, sharing and collaboration are important to us. We care about the relationship with our students, course participants, and lecturers. Our focus is that the education we offer is of the highest quality and that everyone can learn what we teach in the best way.

Everyone’s contribution builds Berghs. Everyone’s actions are important. Everything communicates!

Management & Advisory Boards

Berghs is an independent school of communication that offers education in strategy, creation, and innovation.

The Advisory Board is led by Camilla Wallander (CEO) with the participation of the school’s management and program directors.

The Advisory Board is led by Camilla Wallander (CEO) together with Linn Tornérhielm and Marie Alani from Berghs.

Berghs International Advisory Board is led by Marco Ortolani and Marie Alani from Berghs.

Berghs Advisory Board on Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging has been established as part of Berghs' effort to accelerate the inclusion work. The mission of the Advisory Board is to work to concretize activities that make a difference, contribute to expanding the networking, and develop concepts and tools that lead to the communications industry being represented by more people with diverse perspectives.

The Board is led by Marie Alani, Head of Faculty.

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