Here you can find answers to questions regarding our courses offered in English.

Online course participants study approximately 8 to 10 hours/week. You can count on spending a couple of evenings each week on your course. Normally, you connect for one live session each week (2 hours) on a set date, you read or watch course material (2 hours) and you work on your assignment for 2 to 3 hours.

The pace might be higher towards the end of the course when you approach your final deadline. You can estimate a maximum time commitment of 10-12 hours/week during the very last weeks of the course, before your final project presentation.

Live sessions are fixed, but they are scheduled well in advance, so you can always plan your calendar at least 4 weeks ahead. The rest is flexible, you can study at your own pace. Also, we work in small groups at Berghs and we can easily agree on alternative dates and times for live sessions if necessary.

As a general rule, we book live sessions after working hours (between 6 PM and 9 PM) on Central European Time and they usually last no longer than 2 hours.

You are expected to join video calls and to participate in chats, and you will give and receive lots of feedback. We welcome all participants to contribute to the conversation with their own professional challenges. Often you can use your own challenge from work as a case for the course and apply your learnings right to it. Bergh's online courses run on Canvas, even on mobile. You can turn notifications on and never miss out on content. Live calls run on ZOOM.

The instructors are all international industry professionals with proven experience in their field. They are not just selected by their title though. Berghs carefully select experts who are also good trainers. The instructors’ list is updated semester after semester, and all the instructors are briefed and guided by Berghs Faculty.

You can access the course room one week prior to the start date, we'll send you the invitation via email. This gives you time to explore how things work and to view the course calendar (which matches the dates on our website). You might also find a welcome note from your teacher with instructions on how to connect and a simple warm-up task before the first live session. If you can't log in, just contact the course coordinator a few days before the course starts, and we'll help you get ready for your first call.

Feedback is our most important tool for development. You will receive lots of feedback throughout the entire program, and not just from the teacher but from other peers too. You will also train on giving constructive feedback to others.

Yes. Upon completion of the course, Berghs issues a formal Course Certificate (digital).

To obtain your Course Certificate you need to attend at least 80% of the course and successfully deliver on all course assignments.

Online classes at Berghs are usually quite small, between 5 and 20 students, to facilitate dialogue and interaction online.

There are many factors: your level of experience, learning expectations, level of English, ability to attend the course, ability to finance the course.

Most of our courses are offered once every term, Spring and Fall. We open new dates for a course as soon as we close the current intake. If you need to know the next start before we have published the new course you are more than welcome to email us; info@berghs.com

Berghs issues an invoice only after you accept to enroll in a course.  The invoice is usually due before the course starts or during the first course-week.

Our enrollment system is automatic, and we can therefore not extend the deadline you have received. If you do not accept your spot in time, you will lose your reserved spot. If you, however, still want to take the course you are welcome to send in a new registration again.

The invoice needs to be settled by the due date stated on the invoice. If a reminder of payment needs to be sent (i.e., no payment is received by the date stated on the invoice), a fee of 150SEK plus interest (base rate +8%) will be incurred.

You register for the course on your own through our website. If you are offered a spot in the course you will receive an email where we ask you to accept your participation. It is also through this link you provide invoicing details.

You’ll receive your invoice after you have accepted your spot. We will send the invoice to the email address you registered for when applying to the course. During summer and around Christmas it might take a little longer before you have your invoice.

The invoice is sent to the email you registered when accepting your spot and giving us your invoice details. Please don’t forget to check your spam folder too. If you still can’t find the invoice, then contact the course coordinator to receive a new copy. Remember that you receive the invoice after you have accepted your spot in the course.

When a course no longer has any seats available, you'll be put on the waiting list. If a participant can no longer participate in the course, we'll contact participants on the waiting list in the order they applied. Being on the waiting list doesn't mean that you've made a financial commitment. You commit to the course when you've been offered a seat and accepted your seat in the course.

If you live in Sweden and have a personal identity number you can finance your course through our partners. We work with two different banks; WasaKredit and Humanfinans. If you would like more information on how to apply for a loan through our partners. Please email: info@berghs.com