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We are creatively driven, and all our work is informed by a culture of collaboration. Berghs’ network consists of 800 industry professionals as teachers, hundreds of agencies and companies, thousands of alumni, and several partner schools around the globe.

Partner Schools around the world
Incoming/outgoing students each year
Course Articulations with international partners
International courses offered in Stockholm

Our Partnerships are based on articulation agreements, student streams, and a constant exchange of information around the state of the creative industry and creative education. Berghs’ partners schools are:

Miami / Atlanta / New York

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School, founded in 1993, is an award-winning School of Ideas with many campuses in the US and a strong focus on Advertising practice.
Since 2023, Berghs students are offered to continue their journey at Miami Ad School in the US. The program includes creative portfolio work and internships.


Accademia di Comunicazione

Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione is a professional school of Advertising and Design based in Milano, Italy. Since 2019, Italian students have come to Berghs to attend the Advanced Portfolio Courses as part of their Master Degrees and to perfect their creative work and competition entries. 


Edith Cowan University

ECU is a large academic institution offering a broad spectrum of educational options for international students. Since 2004, Berghs Students have moved to Western Australia and completed degrees across the Schools of Arts and Business.

Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille


EFAP, École des nouveaux métiers de la communication, is one of four schools within the EDH Group. Since 2015, French students come to Berghs for their study-abroad semester at undegraduate level or to specialize via a joint MBA.


Napier University

Edinburgh Napier is a young and modern university based in one of Europe's most thriving student cities. In 2021, Berghs and Napier University start their collaboration by activating two streams from Berghs to Napier's School of Business and School of Arts.


Ravensbourne University

Ravensbourne is an innovative industry-focused higher education institution. The University offers practical digital media and design education and a highly-collaborative learning environment. Since 2017 Berghs offers streams to a range of courses at Ravensbourne in London.

Reach out for more information about partnerships and international projects.

Marco Ortolani

Director of International Programs