Our students are considered some of the best in the world. Here's a list of what they've accomplished over the past few years. Needless to say, we're proud.


The year has started with a team from Berghs winning the January competition of the contest Young Glory. In Gulltaggen, Bergh’s students stands for no less than three of a total of six nominated contributions in the student category. In the Nordic comptetion Gulltaggen, Bergh’s students account for no less than three of a total of six nominated prizes in the student category. Four Berghs students won gold and silver this year. This year’s One Show – Young One’s competition in New York was a huge success for the Bergh students. They won a total of 17 awards, including 11 pencils. This means that Berghs is the most rewarded school in 2019 in Young Ones Brief. Great job!


First out this year was Gulltaggen in Oslo where students from Berghs won both gold, silver and bronze! In AKQA Future Lions in Cannes, five student teams were shortlisted and contributed to the prestigious prize ”School of the Year”, for the fifth consecutive year. A student team from Berghs was rewarded gold in Indigo Design Awards and also in One Show and D&AD New Blood. In the contest Young Glory one student team won two gold in the September competition, two gold and one silver in the October competition, one silver and a bronze in the November competition and one gold and one silver in the December competition.


The year started with awards in the Norwegian competition Gulltaggen in Oslo. Berghs students accounted for three of a total of seven nominated entries and won gold with one of the entries. In the One Show our students participated in the Young Ones, and six out of 35 finalists were from Berghs. In addition, two entries qualified for the Client Pitch. In total the Young Ones competition led to one Gold Pencil and three Silver Pencils. At D&AD in London, two of our student teams were nominated, at the AKQA competition Future Lions in Cannes, Berghs won the category School of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.


In 2016, our students won Silver Pencil, Merit Award and were nominated to Client Pitch in the One Show. In Cannes Lions, our amazing students took home two of the five awards in the student competition AKQA Future Lions, and secured the desirable title School of the Year for the third consecutive year. This is a record! You can see the cases here.


Throughout the year, 10 student teams were named in top 100 in AKQA Future Lions, and Berghs was awarded School of the Year for the second consecutive year. In D&AD, our students won two Gold Pencils and two Wood Pencils. In the Young Ones, the student part of the One Show, four teams were awarded two Gold Pencils, two Bronze Pencils and the Client Pitch. You can see the cases here.


In the AKQA Future Lions competition in Cannes, a large number of student teams were named in top 100 and two teams placed among the top five. Berghs won School of the Year, competing with 60 schools in 40 countries. At D&AD two student teams won awards. In the One Show, one team won a Gold Pencil, while two teams won Silver Pencils and took home the gold in Client Pitch. Another Gold Award came from Gulltaggen. The cases are available here.


The students were awarded two Bronze pencils and one Silver Pencil as well as several merits in One Show. In D&AD, three teams were named Best of Year and were awarded five Yellow Pencils. In Future Lions four student teams were shortlisted  in addition to multiple awards in several Swedish competitions. See the cases here.


In 2012, the students won two top placements and a number were shortlisted in Future Lions. One Show resulted in one Gold Pencil, one Silver Pencil, one Bronze Pencil, four merit awards and one honorable mention. In D&AD, student teams won two awards in Best of the Year. The students were also awarded in Clio Awards, Creativity Awards, New York Festivals, Bees Awards, New Creatives and Gulltaggen. The cases are available here.