Berghs’ Way

A fundamental element in education is conversation. Berghs fortifies new knowledge through teaching, reflecting and sharing learnings. Feedback is a cornerstone in our view of what creates lifelong learning and development. Berghs always works with a team of relevant advisors, our Advisory Board.

Our pedagogy

The framework for our pedagogy is Action-Based Learning, which consists of reflection and active experiences to develop knowledge and skills. This can be summarised as a “constructivist view of knowledge”. In the context of education, this means that you create your knowledge yourself through interpretation of and reflection on your experiences. Above all, you learn by applying your knowledge – it’s simply more effective and more fun to learn by framing facts in a context.

Applied learning, generous space for reflection, and feedback are important to us at Berghs. This does not exclude theories and models, but we are pragmatic in our valuation of them, i.e. how well they work in practice. We prefer to work with cases, workshops and collaborate in groups to share experiences with each other. A creative or strategic task benefits from being solved by applying different perspectives.

Berghs’ principles

  1. Education with a balance between the basics and expertise
  2. Proximity to professions with teachers from the industry
  3. Integration in the view on communication and collaboration between individuals
  4. Action-Based Learning
  5. Constantly ongoing learning processes
  6. Providing a creative meeting space

Berghs’ Advisory Board

Berghs’ Advisory Board highlights challenges that companies, agencies and organisations face today as well as which competences are missing or need strengthening. It’s also an important forum for Berghs’ strategic development. High quality is our most important goal. We average 4.2 on a scale of 5 in student and customer satisfaction across all our different formats of education. The ability to sustain an even quality and create a base for innovative communication is measured in competitions such as AKQA’s Future Lions. Berghs fulfils quality criteria from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education for the full-time programs, and from Sauf for the courses. Our finances have been stable over the years, earning us a strong credit rating.