The connection between sustainability and Berghs’ existing values is natural and makes for a a well-functioning, viable, credible and strong school. Berghs uses the term “sustainable development” and includes both social, environmental and economic aspects.

Our sustainability policy

Berghs’ golden rule is, and has long been, “ambitions should be expressed and realised with consideration of the interest of others, not at the expense of them”. This is a good starting point. Our view on sustainability is part of what we call Berghs Cares (“Berghs bryr sig”).

Berghs’ sustainability strategy

Berghs aims to reduce negative impact on the environment and to be inspired by the best within sustainability. We want to work in an inclusive way and contribute to solving real problems. We understand that sustainability is an ongoing process. That’s why we are always looking to find creative ways of working with issues surrounding it. As part of this, we aim to communicate honestly and transparently about how we work.

Berghs’ vision regarding sustainable development

Everything we teach should inspire sustainable communication and lead to change that makes the world a little better.
We believe that communication makes a difference in society.

By sustainable communication we mean:

Sustainable communication is about awareness and considering the long term. Communication is not only what you say, but also what you do. That’s why we believe that everything and everyone communicates.