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Things We're Looking Forward to in 2021

With the new year came the usual list of optimistic self-improvement. Let's call them new year's resolutions. Get a bit fitter. Eat a bit better. Make more time for people and things we love. But this year was a bit different…

Written by Adam Horne
January 18, 2021

We noticed our conversations turned to the things we usually do. Things that we miss and want to get back in 2021. I'm sure you've had this conversation with your family and friends too! 

So here's a list of things we would love to do in 2021. 

Go to a gig

Yes, we live in a world where almost every song is available in your pocket (thanks Spotify!). There's something about being crammed into a venue and sharing music you love, with total strangers who love those songs as much as you. It turns people you might politely smile at on the street into your brothers and sisters! You share a big, long, special moment that streaming music can't replace.

An after-work

It seems crazy that a simple after-work drink with your colleagues is something to aspire to. But if you're lucky enough to work with people you actually like (and we are), then you miss hanging out. It's not the drink, it's being in the same space and getting all the body language. We also find that our meetings are a little more focused when we can chat, joke, and share stories sometimes. And yes, you can do it online. But it's just a bit more human IRL. 

The big picture

Sure, the pandemic has had some positive side-effects on the environment. But it's robbed our focus on important long term goals, as we've focused on fixing problems of the moment. So we're looking forward to moving our attention away from coronavirus (hopefully!), to more important long term goals. We'd love to see a new multilateral focus on addressing climate change, for example.

A wild dinner party

I think we've all tried to recreate online that entirely spontaneous and joyful dinner party. But there's something so touching and just fun about getting the people, the food, and drink you love all around one table for a long crazy night of conversation. Food tastes better with friends. So that's on our wanna-do list too.

Exotic adventures

There's something extraordinary about getting away from your culture and experiencing something very different from life at home. So whether it's exploring Balinese temples, or just hanging out on a beach with signs you can't read, something is inspiring and educational about that. You discover a curious mix of new and familiar patterns in life. Plus, we find it to be a great source of creative energy. 

A busy house

As I write this, there's a talented young man on a ladder in the next room putting the finishing touches on our fantastic new building. It still smells like fresh paint. And the one thing we can't wait to do is open the doors to all of our students, alumni, and industry friends. To come together in a house designed to celebrate ideas and communication. To talk, laugh, work, and fix problems worth fixing.

When we thought about it, we realised that almost everything on our wanna-do list is linked to communication. We miss unfettered communication. Humans are social animals, so it's the social communication things that we miss the most. 


A gig is the joy of shared communication and culture. 

An after-work is informal communication after a long week.

The big picture is about communication and aligning on the most significant issues.

A wild dinner party is being able to communicate very freely.

An exotic adventure is communicating with an entirely new culture.

And our new house is designed to be our new hub for communication.

So our fingers are crossed (or as the locals might say 'we're holding our thumbs') so that we all get this pandemic under control and can get back to parts of life that we all miss.

So good luck, stay strong, keep in touch, and may 2021 be better than any of us ever imagined! 

Let us know what’s on your ‘wanna-do’ list in 2021. We’d love to hear from you.