Student lab

A student Lab offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with highly creative young people to create innovative ideas that start to solve your business problem. For ten hours, you’ll work with students from Berghs, universities and professional colleges to solve specific challenges your organisation faces. It’s the perfect way to disrupt your habits and find new ways forward.

Industry proffesionals
Unique completed assignments
Trained companies for the last 5 years


We generally run Student Labs from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. But we’re very open to leveraging our global educational network that spans from San Francisco, USA, to Sydney Australia, and from London, UK, to Paris, France. It’s just another way we can offer a diverse range of insights on your problems.


We select a range of students based on relevant and complementary skills and experience. We also like to pick students with different backgrounds and approaches to ensure we generate the widest possible range of ideas.

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Curious to learn more about if a Student Lab can help your business? Feel free to email and we can organise a chat to discuss how we can help.

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