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As one of the world’s best communication schools, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations develop communication skills that work best for them. That’s because we know that every organization faces unique challenges. And for any training to be effective, it needs to be customised for your people.

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What does tailor-made education at Berghs actually mean?

It means we start with by analysing your needs and your specific challenge. Do you need a one-day course, or an education that extends over a longer period? Or perhaps an intensive course over a few days? Which people should be trained and what do you want out of the training? These are the first questions we find answers for.

Who’s tailor-made education really for?

We think everyone can and should aim to be a great communicator. You might have editors who need digital knowledge. Or a management team who wants to learn their design thinking skills, or graphic designers who want to develop their UX skills, managers who want to become skilled at facilitating and process-management. We adapt all parts of our education to perfectly fit your needs.

What’s your approach to tailor-made education?

All of our education is based on Action-Based Learning. A careful balance between theory and practice, thinking and doing. It’s a system that helps introduce relevant skills to your business to perform better and operate more smoothly. We live in a world where everything is a Google search away. The challenge for companies and organizations is to evaluate what is possible to translate into real value. We call it ROE – Return of Education, and it’s baked into every tailor-made solution we offer.

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