Terms and conditions for the “Course Progression Discount”

Berghs School of Communication, 2020.

Berghs automated software courses give you basic software skills. After completing an automated software course you can progress onto a selected range of interactive courses at a higher level at Berghs School of Communication and get a 1000 SEK discount. The following conditions apply.

General conditions

  1. The discount can be claimed only after you have completed your automated software course and it applies only to the course you are progressing onto.
  2. The discount only applies when enrolling in one of the courses listed under “course progression options”. Check the list on the webpage of your automated software course of origin.
  3. The discount can be claimed within 12 months after you enroll in a software course.
  4. The discount can only be claimed when enrolled in a course taught at Berghs School of communication. It does not apply to any course that Berghs develops for third parties.
  5. The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  6. No discount/refund is to be claimed if you do not enroll in another course after completing the automated software course.
  7. The discount is personal.

How to claim the discount

  1. The student takes initiative and claims the discount. 
  2. Berghs School of Communication does not automatically process discounts
  3. The discount can be claimed only when the student is offered to enroll in a course, and before the invoice is issued.
  4. Students can claim the discount by contacting the course coordinator at the time of their enrollment, asking for their fee to be reduced by 1000 SEK.
  5. Berghs administration verifies that all general conditions apply and the student is eligible for the discount.
  6. Berghs administration issues an invoice with the course fee reduced by 1000 SEK. 
  7. The discount is applied to the course fee before taxes.
  8. Swedish VAT (if applicable) is added on the final amount.