Over the past two years, we have gathered a group of people for an afternoon who are curious to explore AI and communication. We have chosen the "Unconference" event format, which relies on active participation from both speakers and participants. At the first Unconference we hosted in the spring of 2023, many of us were beginners in AI. A year later, we saw increasingly niche and specialized applications. It continues to be a time of experimenting and exploring AI services across all industries – which is why we are organizing another Unconference this fall.

7 November
13:00 – 17:00
Berghs School of Communication, Bobergsgatan, Stockholm, Sverige
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There are endless questions to explore. What happens when usage has increased and we are seeing more real-world cases? Will there be new professional roles? What are the best examples? What knowledge is necessary? What questions have we not yet answered? What is the best AI policy?

An Unconference means that all participants are co-creators and contribute to the agenda and discussions of the event, instead of following a conventional conference format. We strive to gain many perspectives and encourage speakers to stretch their questions and test new ideas in interaction with the visitors.

Would you like to contribute to the program? We are now starting to gather interest from those who wish to contribute as speakers. You can choose between a 10- or 20-minute slot on the main stage or 40-minute workshops in a classroom. Submit your proposal through this form.