Use case: Deepfakes

Join the conversation around deepfakes like the ones that victimized Taylor Swift and are currently victimizing many more women and children, around the world. We also welcome you to stay afterwards for a continued discussion and mingle.

18 April
16:00 – 18:00
Bobergsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sverige
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Artificial intelligence became mainstream in 2022 like never before with the public release of generative AI tools, enabling people to create ever-more realistic deepfakes. Now they’re appearing online more often, in various forms. One problematic area is images from the internet being used to create fake compromising images of women and children, such as in the highly publicised case of explicit images of Taylor Swift. 

During this fireside chat, we will talk about the problem and potential solutions. From ethical implications and applicable laws, to which technologies are helping combat such deepfakes. We also welcome you to stay afterwards for a continued discussion and mingle.


Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger is an international business lawyer and legal futurist working as an AI Ethics & Regulatory Compliance Advisor. She is also a renowned international speaker on AI ethics and the founder of International WoMenX in Business for Ethical AI (WIB4AI).

Louise Thudén, is a criminologist responsible for ECPAT Hotline at ECPAT Sweden. ECPAT is a children's rights organization that works against sexual exploitation of children. The organization was founded in 1990 in Thailand after the sexual exploitation of children was noticed as a problem in Southeast Asia. ECPAT Sverige is an independent member of ECPAT International and is part of a global network of 123 organizations in 104 countries.
*If you want to report something that you think may be suspected sexually exploited material of children, contact the ECPAT Hotline via

Marie Alani is the Head of Faculty, and People & Culture Lead at Berghs School of Communication. 

This event is organised in collaboration with International WoMenX in Business for Ethical AI (IWIB4AI).

This event may be photographed for internal and external channels. The event will be held in English. Seats are limited so please notify us if you have to cancel your spot for some reason. This event will not be broadcast online.