FAQ - Bachelor

How do I know if this is the right program for me?
This is the ideal program for those who wish to study at Berghs School of Communication, move abroad, and study for an international university degree. If you are interested in all of the above, Berghs Bachelor is something for you. We are happy to help you choose the right path within this program. Join us at one of our regularly held information meetings (at Berghs or online) or contact us for more information.

What is the best school of destination, and the best major?
All students are different and each one of our partner schools offers a different program and a unique learning environment. Each path is individual, what worked well for one student will not necessarily be the best fit for someone else.
We recommend you to collect as much information as possible before you apply. We also suggest that you follow your own interests and goals when making your decisions. After receiving your application, we can guide you through your options and help you make this the best possible journey for you.

How many students have been through the program?
Over the past 10 years, the Berghs Bachelor program has educated over 500 top communication students from the Nordics. The Berghs Bachelor Alumni are now active industry professionals located mostly in the USA, Australia, the UK, and Sweden.

How many students apply and what are my chances to get accepted?
The total number of applications vary from term to term, but we usually interview twice as many students as we enrol. We assess each and every application individually.

Berghs Diploma or Berghs Bachelor?
Berghs Diploma students have usually worked in the industry or have previous university studies. They average 25 years of age and they applied for a professional education at Berghs.

Berghs Bachelor students, on the other hand, start at a younger age (average 21) and are committed to a longer journey. They study towards an international university degree. They spend only one semester at Berghs in Stockholm before continuing abroad, but they study the longest and most comprehensive of Berghs’ education programs.
The two education paths, Berghs Diploma and Berghs Bachelor, lead to similar professional profiles in the end. The major differences are the local versus international network, the language of study, and the level of craftsmanship, which is higher for Bachelor students as they have time to work on their crafts by taking many practical classes at art and design schools.

What is the level of Berghs Bachelor?
The Berghs Bachelor program is on an undergraduate level.
We accept talented students straight out of high school as well as more mature applicants with work experience. The youngest student ever accepted was 18 years old, and the oldest was 30 years old.

Which school issues my final degree?
After your semester at Berghs in Stockholm you will receive a certificate and transferable credits to one of our partner school. Your final degree will be issued by the partner school you choose after your first semester.

Coronavirus contingencies

We do what it takes to deliver all courses in a safe, engaging, and inspiring way. Discover all the things we’re doing to run this course safely onsite here. But if needed, we’re also prepared to move this course online. That can be a smooth transition thanks to Canvas (as a platform) and Zoom (for interactive classes). We’re experts at deploying them quickly and smoothly, and using them to maintain a consistent learning experience.

We pass on the latest updates from our partner schools, plus a contact person at each school who can answer your questions. That way, you can make informed decisions about local regulations and course conditions before you continue your education abroad.