Information regarding COVID-19

Berghs is closely monitoring developments and the authorities’
recommendations for systematically limiting any spread of covid-19.

UPDATED JUNE 3rd. The restrictions for minimizing the spread of covid-19 that were introduced at the end of 2020 resulted in Berghs moving all spring 2021 classes online. During the spring, we made it possible for students to sit and work in our common spaces on a restricted schedule of a specific amount of students per day.

Fall 2021
During the fall semester of 2021, we will once again be able to open up the school, which is now located on Bobergsgatan 48 in Norra Djurgårdsstaden. Some classes and courses will continue to run online, depending on the content and the amount of students enrolled. Please read on each course page what applies to your chosen course.


Lessons and gatherings are run online through our digital learning platform Canvas and through the video tool Zoom. We are able to share text and video materials, have live lessons, work in collaborative projects, etc. in accordance with our pedagogy.


Berghs School of Communication has a great responsibility to ensure that all courses and lessons are conducted in a safe manner but we also have possibilities to make temporary adjustments or changes in order to ensure that the educational situation works well.


We’ve made following adjustments to minimize the spread of covid-19:

  • We have moved to a new building with big, open spaces
  • We have designed a safe classroom environment with more distance between students
  • We have adjusted the schedules so that fewer students start their classes at the same time
  • We have adjusted times for breaks and lunches
  • We have replaced large gatherings with webinars and online teaching
  • We still offer some classes and courses online
  • We have added increased cleaning throughout the building and in the café
  • We have added more onsite communication and guidelines around safety and hygiene
  • We have implemented a “no touch policy” when we greet one another onsite

Berghs’ management is following the covid-19 situation daily and will, if needed, quickly change our guidelines to include changes such as moving all programs entirely online or opening up for all instruction onsite.

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