Colors of emotions inspire the visual identity of Berghs Grad Show

Mon, 21 May, 2018, 09:00

Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions was the source of inspiration for the visual identity of the 2018 Grad Show at Berghs School of Communication. The theory illustrates how different emotions stand and act in relation to each other and is strongly linked to the theme of this year’s show: State of Mind. The exhibition explores the phenomenon of persuasion and challenges the visitors to change their perception of reality. The colors represent anticipation, aggression, contempt, fear and surprise – all emotions that drive a person to change their mind.

Additionally, the different stages of persuasion and change of mind are included in the animated objects. One which represents our strong and persistent opinions, one which speaks about the formability of new thoughts and one which illustrates how one grasps for information when ideas are born.

"We started experimenting with how to embody something as abstract as emotions and opinions and asked ourselves questions such as “what does a thought look like?”. We landed in three different objects and chose the color scheme based on the theory of the wheel of emotions," comments Josefin Fridlund, Art Director in the Student Agency. 

In contrast to the pastel color scheme and the softness of the animations, the font hints of roughness to the visual identity – keeping the manner edgy and up to date.

Visit the exhibition may 26th at Berghs School of Communication, Sveavägen 34 in Stockholm, or take part of the experience at

The 2018 Student Agency consist of:
Camilla Wemmenlöv, Digital Creative
Carina Ortiz, Digital Creative
Clara Axner, Strategist
Emelie Svensson, Designer
Frida Ohlander Danielsson, Public Relations
Hanna Adelstål, Copywriter
Josefin Fridlund, Art Director
Josefin Günther, Public Relations
Molly Nordgren, Strategist
Tom Hallgren, Designer

Press enquiries and questions:

Frida Ohlander Danielsson
Tel: +46 707593832

Josefin Günther
Tel: +46735464841