Berghs students top the ranks at the 2019 Young Ones Awards

Wed, 8 May, 2019, 17:51

The Young Ones is the student section of the One Show, a globally acclaimedcompetitive award ceremony within the communication industry. Every year, the show receives hundreds of entries from students and schools around the world. Students may compete in a number of different categories, and prizes are awarded in the form of a pencil when competing in the Young Ones Brief and Portfolio competition (gold, silver, bronze), and in the form of a cube when competing in the Art Directors Club (gold, silver, bronze). The followinglist contains all competing Berghs’ student groups.

Winning groups and entries:

The Power of Words

Group: Vera Perlmann, Rebecca von Matérn, Lovisa Swärdh

Category: Pencil

Pursue The Truth

Group: Andreas Karlsson, Noah Bramme, Rikard Köhler

Category: Pencil

39 855 Reasons

Group: Andreas Karlsson, Noah Bramme, Lukas Andersson

Category: Pencil

High on Brooks

Group: Andreas Karlsson, Erik Bejmar, Noah Bramme, Christoffer Lind

Category: Client Pitch

From One Bud to Another

Group: Maja Stampe, Daga Simonsson, Sofia Gustafsson

Category: Pencil

Find a Bud

Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll.

Category: Pencil

Flip the Search

Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll, Daga Simonsson, Georg Sandman

Category: Pencil

Soul King

Group: Teodor Fjäll, Viktor Einarsson, Tina Jansson, Ellen Althén.

Category: Pencil

Who made this ad?

Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll, Mathilda Blomquist

Category: Cube

Google Street Stories

Group: Sofia Gustafsson, Noah Bramme, Rikard Köhler

Category: Cube

Dove Dad + Baby

Group: Inez Härneman, Josefine Brangstrup Erikson, Kim Missler, Rikard Köhler

Category: Client Pitch

The Brooks Way

Group: David Lie, Anna Thofte, Signe Belfiore, Erik Nyström

Category: Pencil

Viktor Einarsson and Teodor Fjäll was awarded gold in Young Ones Portfolio - an award where the students entry their portfolio work to be judged by a jury.