Way Out West to collaborate with Berghs Festival

Thu, 2 May, 2019, 11:10

Way Out West and Berghs Festival announced today that they will join forces in a project built around creativity and co-creation. Way Out West will make an appearance at Berghs Festival, an opportunity for them to reach out to the communication industry through a series of interactive competitions and experiences. WoW will then bring this concept from Stockholm to Gothenburg in August for Way Out West, which Berghs will attend.

Berghs Festival is a communication festival created by the 2019 Berghs Student Agency and Berghs School of Communication. This year, the school is setting out to open its doors wide, granting all graduating students the chance to share what they can and have done. The festival will be a meeting ground for the advertising community and anyone else interested in communication, a space to come together, be inspired, and have fun over the course of three packed days – from May 22nd to 24th.

“When I spoke with Bergh’s Student Agency and heard about the festival for the first time, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more. We believe that the issues addressed by the festival are crucial. The event’s objective is something Way Out West can stand behind.” - Peter Björklund, Marketing Partnership Manager at Luger.

Berghs Festival, unlike other communication festivals, is free for all. Reflecting communication from various perspectives, the festival will feature students contributing and creating dynamic content. Anything from seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and panel debates to music, stand-up, and parties. The event was published on Facebook yesterday (Sunday, 28 April), and over the first 24 hours, 1,200 people had already signed up to receive more information.

“Berghs and Way Out West together make a compelling combination, as we both place creativity and co-creation on center stage. At Berghs, we believe that experiences will characterize the relationship between people and brands. What better way to explore this concept than alongside Sweden’s leading festival.” Christopher Waldekrantz, Marketing Director at Berghs.

The exact details of the collaboration are yet to be determined. Regardless, it will feature an exciting, engaging series of events for people to attend. Both creative and strategic competitions will be held over the course of all three days, ensuring something will be happening at all times.

Student Agency statements:

“To be granted the opportunity to work with Way Out West and curate content for them feels like a big step forwards for Berghs Festival. This will result in a wow factor on many levels.” Isabelle Kvist, student on the full-time Public Relations program.

“We believe this festival will allow us to broaden the notion of communication in general, and introduce talent with new perspectives and various backgrounds to the communication industry, which is overly homogenous in its current state.” Annie Lidén, student on the full-time Public Relations program.


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Isabelle Kvist, PR-Student & Representative for Berghs Student Agency:

Christopher Waldekrantz, Marketing Director at Berghs: