Berghs’ Student Bureau to highlight the unfinished in this year’s degree exhibition

Bergh’s graduation exhibition, a two-day festival, will occur on May 24-25. It’s titled “Unfinished” and celebrates ongoing creativity in contrast to the polished end results we usually encounter in public spaces. The festival is spearheaded by the Student Bureau, which this year consists of eleven Berghs students.

Wed, 17 Apr, 2024, 13:40

Bergh’s “Unfinished” festival highlights 23 polished degree projects created by 158 students and offers an insight into the unpolished work process behind them. Visitors can participate in the different phases of the creative work, which are physically manifested around the building. As always, the school is filled during the festival with communication work, live artists, surprising installations, and the chance to mingle with old and new friends.

“We want to illuminate how ideas grow and take new shapes depending on who they meet in a creative process that is never quite finished. When we can use many new AI tools in our craft, we need to reflect even more on how we add the uniqueness that creates value”, says Camilla Wallander, CEO of Berghs School of Communication.

One element at this year’s exhibition is called “Unfinished Thoughts.” It consists of hundreds of minutes of video material with students’ reflections on creative processes collected during the six weeks of the thesis.

“To be unfinished is to be uncomfortable, exploratory and receptive. The festival’s identity and expression are made up of a balance between the polished and the more organically human. Visually, we want to portray the structured chaos that takes place behind closed doors, through sketches and hazy illustrations as a layer on top of the polished and strict”, says Lindy Dyvelcrona, Bureau member and Communication Design student.

Bergh’s student office 2024 consists of:

Matilda Holmqvist, Art Director 2224
Ebba Littson Gustafsson, Production Management 2324
Stella Wallander, Public Relations 2324
Mira Claesson, Copywriter 2224
Jonathan Sandberg, Communication Design 2224
Hanna Åhlander, Production Management 2324
Lindy Dyvelcrona, Communication Design 2224
Victoria Schiller, Growth Marketing 2324
Paula Menyes, Digital Design & Strategy 2324
Ebba Siri Bygren, Production Management 2324
Robin Marklund, Public Relations 2324


  • Theme: “Unfinished”
  • Location: Bobergsgatan 48, Norra Djurgårdsstaden
  • Time: Friday 24 May, and Saturday 25 May 2024
  • Exhibition: 23 degree projects from 158 students
  • Installations, DJ and performances
  • Outdoor oasis, bars and food

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