Submitting Your Application

Here's how to submit your application:

On the page of the program you want to apply to, you will find the path to the digital application form through the "APPLY" button.

Each application file you submit should be attached separately; you cannot combine all documents into one PDF file.

Name your files as follows:

  • Firstname_Lastname_Grades_ProgramName
  • Firstname_Lastname_CV_ProgramName etc., depending on the required documents for the specific program you are applying to.
  • ApplicationTask_ProgramName
    • Note: The Application Task should not contain any personal information as this part is read anonymously:

Save your documents in PDF format; other formats are not allowed. You can include links in the PDF(s) to, for example, a YouTube video, Vimeo, or another website.

Application Documents

Below is a list of the required application documents. For the specific program you are applying to, please refer to the program page for details.

  • High School Grades

Attach your high school diploma to prove that you have obtained a secondary school diploma. Please note: if you don't have a copy of your grades, remember to order them well in advance of the application deadline.

  • CV

A CV is a summary of your skills, experiences, and qualifications.

  • Certificates

Applicants to Art Director/Copywriter or Communication Design must include certificates confirming 1 year of work experience or 1 year of post-secondary studies. It is also acceptable to combine work experience with studies, as long as the total is at least 1 year.

  • Personal Letter

A personal letter (maximum one A4 page) should ONLY be attached if you are applying to Berghs Bachelor or if you lack basic eligibility and want to invoke prior learning/real competence in your application.

  • Application Task

Complete the application task for the program you want to apply to. Note that if you apply for multiple programs, you need to submit an application for each program for your application to be considered complete.

Application Process

On January 25th we will release the application tasks for entry in August 2024.

April 10th is the deadline for submitting your application for all full-time programs. Ensure that your application is complete, and you will receive confirmation that we have received it.

We process your application and assess it based on given criteria.

If you proceed in the process after the assessment of your application, you will be invited for an interview. Interviews take place at different times for different programs.

Once the admission is complete, notifications will be sent to all applicants.