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Communication Trends in 2019

What communication trends should you keep an eye on in 2019? Simon Beyer, Course Director at Berghs, shares his observations for the year ahead.

From global to local

As globalization is having a bigger impact on our lives, there is a counter-reaction in the form of local relevance. Since there is so much information out there, we tend to find relevance in what we already know such as the local pizza place, coffee shop or clothing store.

Our data will be our currency

Users today are fully aware of the agreement they make every day with companies; they are giving away their data as payment for content or a product. Therefore brands need to create services that are so good that the user is prepared to hand over their data. Data is the most valued currency used in communication with brands today and one cannot see an end to this trend.

Content is not the only king

There is a lot of great content out there today and suddenly every person you have ever met is a content creator. But in order for the user to find your content, you need to get your SEO priorities right. Content creators need to collaborate with SEO wizards to create a strategy that can visualize their content.


We spend approximately 1.7 seconds on each post that appears in our Facebook feed. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than 50% of the users will leave the page. We are extremely impatient today and communication needs to be very clear to make us stop scrolling. Not only is digitalization going fast - speed is a significant part of the digitalization.

Create a smooth experience

Creating a smooth experience has become increasingly important for the customer. The Swedish company Klarna's concept "Smooth Payments" is a typical example of that. The user of a payment solutions app is high maintenance. As the customer journey is becoming more fragmented it is more important to help the user forward by removing obstacles along the way. Since it's expensive to drive traffic to your website, an additional incentive would be to make sure the customer has an impeccable user experience.