Berghs Bachelor Scholarship

Helping Berghs Bachelor applicants from outside the Stockholm region make their study abroad dreams come true.

The essentials:

  • 2 scholarships awarded per term
  • Simple application process
  • A world of opportunity

Berghs is committed to lowering the economic threshold for Berghs Bachelor candidates coming from outside the Stockholm region, or from other countries.


Today, students from the Stockholm region are overrepresented in the program. The scholarship is designed to support applications from other geographical areas, helping students’ geographic journeys - relocating twice during the program.

The scholarship significantly reduces the tuition fee for the foundation semester, the component of the Berghs Bachelor program that cannot be funded with other means (i.e via Swedish CSN or via other scholarships for University students). 


2x scholarships worth 10,000 SEK (excluding Swedish VAT) to be used towards the tuition fee for the Berghs Bachelor semester.

Regular tuition fee for the Bachelor semester:

  • 38,000 SEK without VAT, 47,500 SEK with VAT

Tuition Fee with Scholarship:

  • 28,000 SEK without VAT, 35,000 SEK with VAT


  • The scholarship is awarded to students who successfully enrol in the program and who file a compelling Scholarship Application Letter explaining their journey and their motivation for pursuing the Berghs Bachelor program. 

  • Include a specific “Scholarship Application Letter” in addition to your personal letter.  
  • In your “Scholarship Application Letter”, tell us about yourself, why you deserve the scholarship, and what difference can it make to your journey.
  • We like to read a personal story, be open and honest. Feel free to add pictures, links, videos, or any other materials to your “Scholarship Application Letter”. 
  • After the application deadline, all Scholarship Applications will be reviewed by the Berghs Bachelor Program Director and by two members of Berghs staff. (Jury)
  • If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be notified and you will have to accept your seat in the program and the scholarship together. 
  • If you are awarded the scholarship, your tuition fee will be reduced accordingly.
  • Note that the tuition fee invoiced, even if reduced by the scholarship, must be paid before the course starts.

  • You must submit a complete and compelling application to the Berghs Bachelor program including the scholarship letter by the deadlines listed on the course pages. 
  • Late applications are allowed to the program, but will not be considered for scholarships.
  • In order to receive the scholarship, you must accept your seat in the program. 
  • If you are offered a seat in the program as well as the scholarship and you decline your seat, you automatically decline the scholarship.
  • Your scholarship letter must be clearly designated when you submit your application (i.e., name your file ‘First Name.Last Name - Scholarship Application Letter’). 
  • You must hold - or be eligible to apply for - a relevant study visa to study in Sweden (if applicable) and/or you must be able to travel to complete the course at one of our partner schools abroad.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, but are later found not to fulfil one or more of the eligibility criteria listed above, your scholarship will be automatically transferred to the next possible candidate. 


Students who are awarded scholarships will be mentioned in Berghs’ communication activities, such as articles or similar. By accepting the scholarship you accept to be named/involved in such activities.

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