Creative Boot Camp

Berghs Creative Boot Camp is an intensive 72-hour creative workshop that runs in real life. It’s like nothing you’ve done before. It’s made for people who are hungry for new tools and who want to build their creative skills and confidence for the future. It’s designed to challenge your mind and body — and to make both stronger.

You'll organize into small teams in one large communal space to solve problems that will knock you out of any creative rut you find yourself in. You get three days to outline, ideate, research, prototype, and pitch. You'll also be coached to do great creative work.


🧠 Day 0: Warm-up

Get your head in the game

Get ready for Boot Camp with a range of prompts that help you define what you stand for as a way of introducing yourself.

We also give you tools inside of your Boot Camp Work Book to familiarise yourself with, so you can get off to a racing start. Plus, you'll also get a full briefing of how, when, and where Boot Camp kicks off.

💪 Day 1:

Build muscle with the right tools

Today is all about framing a problem and developing an opinionated and clear strategic direction for your Boot Camp project.

You'll be introduced to tools that help you see the situation from unique perspectives, find juicy insights, and create a springboard for ideas that can be analysed against.

You'll also get coaching on the role of intuition, and we'll encourage action over procrastinatory productivity.

❤️ Day 2:

Creative techniques that click

Today is all about chasing numbers, but in a way you might not expect.

You'll be given creative tools to explore, reveal, discover, and create a massive amount of relevant ideas that might solve your problem.

You'll see how great ideas happen by mixing solo and teamwork, understand that the best ideas are promiscuous.

And you'll get a framework for choosing and developing the best idea plus useful advice to stay positive and on track.

👟 Day 3:

Present new ideas with punch

Today is all about having the confidence to really listen to your idea as a catalyst for a knock-out pitch.

You'll be coached on how to relate storytelling to your narrative, how to use your body language effectively, and why every slide needs a hero.

Then it's time for your three-minute pitch with professional feedback from a panel of experts across many categories.

We cap things off with a key learnings session and some awards.

What you get after Boot Camp

Strategic tools to reframe, analyse, and attack future problems in a smart way
Ideation techniques and creative approaches to reliably generate ideas in the future
Presentation skills with your own personal flavor that help ideas hit your audience
Confidence to know that you can solve problems no matter how difficult they seem
✅ Experience in forming and working in teams that get results quickly and effectively
✅ Working and developing sophisticated concepts under pressure and in English
New friends, connections, and access to our Creative Boot Camp Alumni Slack

✅ Ways to working collaboratively in the same physical space

  • Who are hungry to get better
  • Ready to step up in their career
  • Who know their body and mind work best together
  • Are still curious about the world
  • Who think the future can be better than the past
  • Are happy to be wrong and can change their mind
  • Fight for what they believe in
  • Who play hard in a respectful way
  • Who want to be in the same physical space as others

  • Who just want to get out of the office for a few days
  • Who just crave “Berghs” on their LinkedIn
  • Not prepared to challenge their habits
  • Who are lazy in the mind or body
  • Who think they always have the best ideas in the room
  • Who are happy with their professional achievements
  • Are rude or boring
  • Who think the best ideas can happen in isolation

How do I enroll?

Just sign up online. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. You'll then get an email with instructions on what to do next. For teams, it's best to email to organise

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, PayPal will generate one and email you a copy.

What if I'm from a company?

We think lots of people and teams can build their creative muscle. As part of the sign up process, you'll receive all the paperwork you need to claim the expense.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes! After you finish, you'll recipient proof that you completed a Berghs Boot Camp.

Do I need to be creative for this?

We think everyone's creative. And we welcome and support people of all skill levels who want to improve their communication and creative skill (and confidence) levels.

Creative Boot Camp for Individuals

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Signup online. What's stopping you?


Wednesday 29th September 2021 — Friday 1st October 2021.


It's a three day intense programme. Expect to do a few hours before to warm up.


20995 SEK including VAT. Cheaper if you can make work pay for your training.

* By clicking here you'll be directed to payment and then to Canvas, where you'll get access to training notes. Before continuing, please read our terms and conditions.

Creative Boot Camp for Teams

If you're interested in building creative muscle within your team, get in touch with us and we can organise a group discount, or personal training to tackle your training needs. Just email and we'll organise a time to talk.


Signup online. What's stopping you?


Wed 29th Sept 2021 — Fri 1st Oct 2021.


It's three days of intense training. It physically happens at Berghs SOC — Bobergsgatan 48, Stockholm.


20995 SEK per person including VAT. We offer team discounts between depending on group size. Email  for a custom offer.

* By clicking here you'll be directed to payment and then to Canvas, where you'll get access to training notes. Before continuing, please read our terms and conditions.

Boot Camp Questions? Ask Adam

Adam Horne

Program Director Berghs Bachelor & Berghs Advanced