Berghs x Miami Ad School

Berghs School of Communication is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Miami Ad School. We are two top-ranked creative schools with a similar ethos, a common focus on communication and advertising, and very strong industry relations. And now we offer one program across two schools spanning Sweden and the United States. That’s everything you need to get into the creative industry!

In the past ten years, both schools have dominated international competitions such as Cannes Lions and the One Show Young Ones.

Now, you can combine Berghs and Miami Ad School in one program and study across two countries and two of the most creative schools in the world.


Your door to this unique Swedish/American study path is the Berghs Bachelor program. The program has been a gateway to international education for Berghs students for over twenty years. At Berghs, you’ll get a head-start and build a strong foundation in media, marketing, presentation techniques, and visual communication. As part of your foundation semester, you’ll choose one of four available specializations – Graphic Design, Copywriting, UX or Strategic Communication, and prepare for your journey abroad.

After an intense semester in Stockholm, you’ll be ready to spread your wings in the United States by continuing your studies at Miami Ad School. You can choose between three campuses (Miami, Atlanta, or New York) and portfolio programs (Art Direction, Copywriting, or Digital Photography & Video).

The programs include practical work, regular portfolio reviews, and an internship to get your career started. Moreover, you’ll forever be part of the alumni networks at both schools.


Miami Ad School is famous in the United States for offering young creatives practical training and direct connections with the creative industry. Miami Ad School is a private School of Ideas offering creative programs in the fields of Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photography, Strategic Planning and Social Media.

Founded in Miami in 1993, Miami Ad School has four campuses in the US - Miami, Atlanta, and New York - and a series of affiliates around the world. In 2022, Miami Ad School became part of the French EDH Groupe, which has been in partnership with Berghs School of Communication since 2015.


After successfully completing the Berghs Bachelor foundation semester in Stockholm, Sweden, you’ll be assisted in transferring to your destination of choice and studies in the US.

Via Berghs, you won’t be required to take any language tests, which are otherwise mandatory. You’re also guaranteed to transfer two full quarters of credits into Miami Ad School portfolio programs, speeding up your overall study journey. You’ll only have 6 quarters left to study in the US, approximately 1.5 years, and a practical internship awaits in quarter #8, the final quarter of your journey. 


Miami Ad School is different from all other destinations offered via Berghs Bachelor. It is not an undergraduate university degree, and it suits students who have more mature skills and a strong focus on creativity and advertising.

The Berghs/Miami Ad School journey does not offer you a University Degree but a practical education across two private schools. The journey suits students who may have already tried post-secondary studies, or who have some experience in the creative industries and want to pursue a creative career. Berghs and Miami Ad School offer you practical skills and industry networks in two countries.

Build your creative portfolio and get ready for your first job in the creative industry!

Berghs Bachelor - one intense foundation semester in Stockholm, Sweden.
This is your starting point. Apply to the program and study the following four core courses:

  • Thinking Media
  • Marketing Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Making Your Point (Presentation Techniques)

Choose one of the following electives as yout fifth subject at Berghs:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Strategic Communication

Miami Ad School - 6 quarters, portfolio work, and internship in the US.
This is your landing point after completing the Berghs Bachelor program.
Choose between four destinations and 3 available portfolio courses:

  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Photography & Video

Locations: Full-time IRL in Miami, Atlanta, and New York.
Length: 8 quarters total, 6 quarters via Berghs Bachelor (entry point in Quarter #3)
Tuition Fee in 2023:  $4,850 invoiced per quarter,  $29,100 for the 6 quarters.
Internship: included in Q#8
Funding: CSN approved.
Visa: US Student Visa for the 6 quarters, plus optional 4-month OPT extension