Berghs Launches the World's First Content Engineering Education in Communication

Starting in the fall of 2024, Berghs School of Communication is creating a unique opportunity to harness the power of AI development through its new program, Content Engineering. This role, previously nonexistent in the communication industry, combines creativity and strategy with the ability to understand and utilize AI technology. The Content Engineering program is initiated alongside another new program, Urban Designer, in response to new conditions and needs in the communication industry. Both programs will be conducted from the school's campus in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thu, 23 Nov, 2023, 10:00

Camilla Wallander  Marie Alani

"Over the past year, we have explored the advancements in AI and questioned the need for a new role in a creative team. This resulted in the new Content Engineering program, emphasizing the importance of understanding and utilizing AI services to create more engaging content tailored to audiences while streamlining communication processes," says Berghs CEO Camilla Wallander.

The program is designed for those interested in working as content managers, AI prompters, prompt engineers, and AI systems coordinators, among other roles. In Berghs' successful pedagogical approach, students take multiple courses across different disciplines and work on real projects for real clients.Some of the content in the new program will include expertise in generative AI, programming, and the use of AI services, as well as communication and business strategy. The application process for all of Berghs' full-time programs begins in January 2024, with the programs starting in August 2024.

"We have developed the program by inviting those who are at the forefront of embracing new AI services. They are exploratory and have shown the way for how we will create communication and work with AI in the future. As a content engineer, you have tools to see the overall picture and flow between different systems and find optimal alternatives. New technology services will support the entire creative process, from strategy to the production of film, images, and voice," says Patrik Hambraeus, Learning Developer at Berghs. 

"An education in Content Engineering is an investment in the future for both students and Berghs. We are now adding more technical AI competence linked with creativity to create engaging content, which will be an asset in any communication team," adds Marie Alani, Head of Faculty.


  • Application for all Berghs full-time programs opens in January 2024
  • Applications are based on an anonymous application task
  • The program is approved by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education.
  • Eligible for student financial aid, and the tuition fee can be financed through additional loans from CSN:
  • The education starts on August 12, 2024

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