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Content Engineering

As a Content Engineer, you will be able to contribute new and in-demand knowledge about how to use AI in communication and marketing. The program is perfect for you if you are fascinated by the possibilities of AI and want to be a part of shaping the future of communication. You will develop skills in integrating AI and other technical solutions into all aspects of companies' communication strategies and workflows.

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1 July
12 August
30 May 2025
169 000 SEK

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About the Program

The Content Engineer program is based on a mix of creativity, strategy, communication skills, and the ability to find, create, and use AI tools. You will learn to navigate in a world where technology is increasingly self-learning and automated. The education gives you the ability to not only understand but also creatively use AI tools to create and optimize content across various media – from text and images to film and music. Through Berghs' model of shared courses for different professional roles, you will work on real projects for real clients, while gaining a deeper understanding of different professional roles within the industry.

Who should apply? 

You are analytical and strategic, preferably technically-inclined and like learning new digital services and applications. You have a strong interest in how we as humans function, act, and communicate and want to translate that into a profession within communication.

Are you perhaps someone who downloads new apps and services when they come out? Have you been fascinated by AI tools? Have you maybe programmed, created websites, recorded podcasts, or made films? In Content Engineering, you can utilize many of your abilities – enhanced by AI. Finally, we believe that you are a team player who is drawn to new exciting challenges and creative processes.

The Program Includes

  • Understanding Creative Communication Processes
  • Introduction to Generative AI and its Various Services
  • Analysis of Communication Tasks
  • Programming, AI services, and Methods (1 and 2)
  • Ethics, Law, and Responsibility
  • Interface Design
  • Communication and Business Strategy
  • Internship
  • Graduation Project

After completing the program, a diploma and a degree certificate with grades are issued.

Application and Admission Requirements

Do I need any prior knowledge?

To apply to the program you need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent.


1. Final high school grades
2. CV
3. Complete Application Task

What is the program fee?

Tuition fee
169 000 SEK

The course is tax-free

Local VAT may apply, read more . The currency converter offers an estimate. Final amounts may differ.

Why Content Engineering?

In a world where communication is constantly evolving, the ability to understand and apply AI technology is crucial. The future demands knowledge about how to integrate AI to effectively target content and create conditions for effective communication on the recipient's terms. As a Content Engineer, you have the tools to see the whole picture and the flow between all systems, finding the optimal options. By understanding and using AI services, you will be able to streamline communication processes and create more engaging and audience-tailored content.

Career Paths

As a Content Engineer, the doors open to a range of exciting professional roles where you can use your unique combination of AI knowledge and communication skills. Possible career paths include:

  • Content Manager
  • AI Prompter
  • Prompt Engineer
  • Marketing Systems Manager
  • CMS (Content Management System) Task Manager
  • CRM Information Coordinator/Manager
  • AI Systems Coordinator

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