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Berghs top ranking in One Show

This year, ''The Young Ones'' announced their list of winners, including including twenty awarded projects by Berghs students. This ranks Berghs as the third-best communication school globally, and the number one school in Europe. Carl Laurén, an Art Director student at Berghs, who collected the most points overall in the competition, is now the #1 ranked student worldwide

Written by Adam Horne
May 14, 2020

One Show, organized by The One Club for Creativity in New York, is one of the world's leading communications industry competitions. In One Show's ''The Young Ones '', students compete with their communication ideas in three different categories, with the chance to win gold, silver or bronze. For Berghs, this year's campaign resulted in a total of 20 winning entries created by 46 students. This result ranks us third out of the 82 schools in 17 countries who competed. Additionally, students from the Berghs Bachelor's Program, who are currently studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, received an additional 3 awards.

"It's crazy fun to be ranked number one, it feels completely unbelievable," Carl Laurén said shortly after the announcement.

Here are all the winning entries from Berghs in The Young Ones 2020 (a total of five cubes, eight pens, and six merits):

Best Portfolio - Photography
Ivan Trip

Pantheon Display

William Wirhed och Emilia Bjurström
Category: Cube

Miller Genuine Craft

Carl Laurén och Johanna Landberg.
Category: Pen

Skaters Rights Vans

Alexander Elmfeldt Rönnmark, Carl Laurén, Lukas Andersson och Ludwig Bornholm.
Category: Pen

Find your north face

Grupp: Emil Vasseur, Georg Sandman, Olle Landerberg och Fannie Caroline Weidilitz.
Category: Pen


Emilia Silfverberg, Emilia Mikheel, Henric Lindsten, Emil Juhlin och Olle Landerberg.
Category: Cube

Breaking memes

Carl Laurén, Rebecca Von Matérn, Ulrika Hammarlund och Saga Stemme.
Category: Pen

The north face - Face 

Carl Laurén, Jonas Axelsson Fisk, Henric Lindsten och William Wirhed.
Category: Pen

Spotify landmarks

Carl Laurén, Alexander Elmfeldt Rönnmark och Ludwig Bornholm
Category: Cube Penna


One Source

Alice Hedin, Tove Zetterquist och Tua Henry.
Category: Cube


Dear Ocean

Ivan Trip och Josefine Nilsson
Category: Cube


Field feature

Emma Svartholm och Josephiné Bergh
Category: Pen


Defending your right to do nothing

Folke Kühlhorn, Sebastian Pandonis, Oskar Engman och Linn Stewart)
Category: Pen


Pro Insurance

Tova Andersson, Johanna Landberg och Josephiné Bergh



Johan Wibrink


Spotify Groupies

Lovisa Zeiloth, Sebastian Pandonis, William Röhl och Philip Kullgren


The Search for Truth

Alexander Elmfeldt Rönnmark, Ludwig Bornholm, Ulf Paulsrud Sirbäck och Johan Wibrink.

Taste your roots

Beata Lindholm, Tua-Cecilia Henry

Update for Albert

Vera Perlmann, Rebecca Von Matérn, Lovisa Swärdh och Ulrika Hammarlund.