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Berghs students invite the whole world to their graduation exhibition

Berghs Studentbyrå 2018

Every year, the graduating classes at Berghs host a graduation exhibition. This year, they have invited the whole world.

Written by Berghs School of Communication
May 16, 2018

Berghs School of Communication, a world renowned communication school in Sweden, invites international guests to attend the annual graduation exhibition. The exhibition, taking place on May 25th and 26th, will be showcasing a variety of the best student work. 

This year’s focus has been on making the exhibition a digital experience in order for people around the world to be a part of the event.

The exhibition is conceptualized, produced and curated by the Student Agency, consisting of ten of this year’s graduates. The Student Agency was given a brief by Berghs in early February, stating that the exhibition had to be an international event and that the priority was to highlight the students. The result is a concept where factors of change and influence are being explored, in which the graduating student are being incorporated throughout. In order to meet the wish for a digital experience of the exhibition, everything will be photographed using a 360 camera. The 360 experience will go live on on May 25th 4 PM CEST. In addition, the website will also double as a digital portfolio and presentation of all the graduating students. 

The exhibition consists of a total of 70 cases created by the students during their time at Berghs. Students from Berghs five disciplines are represented and these are Art Director, Copywriter, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Communication Design and Digital Strategy and Design. 

The cases on display question today’s idea of what communication and design can be. 

Together they create an exhibition with the purpose to change, influence and solve problems such as the representation of women in sports, online safety, and consent. 

The graduates now enter their professional life with an education where they have been working closely to the industry and with the goal to create communication for the future. 

”To visit Berghs Grad Show is a remarkable experience but it’s not always easy to navigate through it. This year our ambition is to enhance the visitor experience of the spectra of innovative communication solutions created by the graduates during their time at Berghs”, says Camilla Wallander, CEO at Berghs. 

Berghs student agency 2018:
Camilla Wemmenlöv, digital creative
Carina Ortiz, digital creative
Clara Axner, strategist
Emelie Svensson, designer
Frida Ohlander Danielsson, public relations
Hanna Adelstål, copywriter
Josefin Fridlund, art director
Josefin Günther, public relations
Molly Nordgren, strategist
Tom Hallgren, designer