Exploring The Inner Development Goals at Berghs

At Berghs School of Communication, we're constantly seeking innovative ways to engage our students and faculty in deeper, more transformative learning experiences. This pursuit led me to explore The Inner Development Goals (IDG) — a framework that aligns with our philosophy of action-based and student-centered learning.

By Patrik Hambraeus

Since our partnership with The Inner Development Goals began, we've been reflecting on how to integrate this framework in our full-time programs. This year, I immersed myself in the IDG international community, engaging with monthly online gatherings of practitioners to gather insights and best practices.

As a part of the 2023 IDG Summit, Berghs School of Communication held a sustainability-themed track, hosted by Berghs' Head of Faculty Marie Alani, inviting participants to connect with the environment through a one-hour meditation session in the forest next to our school led by Andres Roberts and enjoyed a silent, mindful lunch guided by Thomas Legrand. This immersive experience underscored our belief in the '4 x O’s' approach to education: Outside, Online, Outdoors, and Onsite. It's about rethinking the traditional educational environment to enhance learning outcomes.

At the summit I met with leadership coaches Siri Wikander and Johan Norrfjärd, who shared their interest in integrating their passion for nature with executive education. Inspired, I attended their three-day leadership retreat in the serene Swedish forest in Stora Mosse nature reserve in March 2023, capturing their first IDG framed venture on film.

The film illustrates how seamlessly the five categories of the IDGs can be woven into personal and professional development. From 'Being' to 'Acting,' the IDGs serve not just as a framework but as a journey of transformation. This aligns with what we've always believed at Berghs: what can be achieved inside a classroom can also thrive outside it.

Our explorations at the IDG Summit led to the creation of a micro-learning program piloted with both students and professionals. Supported by the ed-tech company Knowly, this six-week nudging program has been nominated for best micro learning at The Swedish Learning Awards 2023. The success of this initiative reinforces our commitment to continuous, impactful learning. We offer this programme as a tailor-made solution.

We are currently designing a one-year skill-building track based on The Inner Development Goals, set to launch in the 2024/25 academic year. This track will not only cater to our students but also invite leaders from the higher education sector to collaborate. We believe in a strategic, well-designed learning trajectory that not only fosters academic knowledge but also cultivates essential soft skills.

One looming question that we are trying to solve is: What is the best way to build skills and to facilitate professional development? In this article we explored training in nature and using nudging techniques. In the new IDG track I want to create learning challenges based on the research from Dr Theo Dawson, founder of Lectica where I have taken several courses understanding the power of what she calls The Mighty VCol, the Virtuous Circle of Learning. It is so far the best method I have tried to build robust skills in an everyday setting.  If you are interested in learning more, or take part in the development, do not hesitate to contact Patrik Hambraeus at Berghs. (