A selection of projects and portfolios by Berghs Advanced Advertising graduates, covering strategy, art direction, and copywriting. Enjoy!

Selected portfolios

Selected works

Burger King IRL (Young Ones Award winner) by Mia Seland Petersen, Mike Dinesen Petersen & Line Jess
Eminente ‘Run Towards Life by Imogen Comrie, Justine Jeauffroy & Sharon Chan Wah
MOLE•OLOGY by Dimitri Kanaris, Louisa Delor, Mia Seland Petersen & Mike Dinesen Petersen
Duolingo DUOS by Jamie Warburton, Zuzanna Kalukin, Quentin Lemaire & Jules Sacchi
Lego Brickchain by Dimitri Kanaris, Charlotte Fuks, Jules Sacchi & Quentin Lemaire
Blablawork by Camille Filhol, Joseph Loesch, Léa Colla & Charlotte Fuks
Karma KARMEE by Valentin Lerouvillois, Zuzanna Kalukin, Quentin Lemaire & Dimitri Kanaris
ARLA X TETRA Don’t cry over spilt milk by Louisa Delor, Mia Seland Petersen, Mike Dinesen Petersen & Margot Brunet-Debaines

Graduate portfolios

If your portfolio could use an upgrade Berghs Advanced Advertising or Berghs Advanced Design might be for you.