Scroll down and around below to explore a selection of projects and portfolios by Berghs’ Advanced Advertising graduates in all three available program tracks – Strategy, Art Direction, and Copywriting. Enjoy!

Selected portfolios

Selected works

Burger King IRL (Young Ones Award winner) by Mia Seland Petersen, Mike Dinesen Petersen & Line Jess
Eminente ‘Run Towards Life by Imogen Comrie, Justine Jeauffroy & Sharon Chan Wah
MOLE•OLOGY by Dimitri Kanaris, Louisa Delor, Mia Seland Petersen & Mike Dinesen Petersen
Duolingo DUOS by Jamie Warburton, Zuzanna Kalukin, Quentin Lemaire & Jules Sacchi
Lego Brickchain by Dimitri Kanaris, Charlotte Fuks, Jules Sacchi & Quentin Lemaire
Blablawork by Camille Filhol, Joseph Loesch, Léa Colla & Charlotte Fuks
Karma KARMEE by Valentin Lerouvillois, Zuzanna Kalukin, Quentin Lemaire & Dimitri Kanaris
ARLA X TETRA Don’t cry over spilt milk by Louisa Delor, Mia Seland Petersen, Mike Dinesen Petersen & Margot Brunet-Debaines

Graduate portfolios

If your portfolio could use an upgrade Berghs Advanced Advertising or Berghs Advanced Design might be for you.