Berghs launches urban designer & content engineering!

Berghs School of Communication is a world-leading school ranked 4th globally among creative schools. Our programs are at the forefront of innovation and creativity. In all programs, students learn hard skills connected to their chosen field as well as developing skills in collaboration, communication, and self-leadership.

We’re excited to launch two new future-oriented full-time programs that will focus on two growing fields; urban design and AI. The programs will follow our action-based pedagogy where students work case-based on real challenges and briefs.

Urban designer

The Urban Designer program is focused on human-centred design throughout the problem-solving process. The program teaches students how to develop strategies and solutions that contribute to sustainable cities and societies, as well as innovation projects and process management.

All courses are led by industry professionals from a variety of organisations. Learning is facilitated through workshops and case studies in each course, applying knowledge directly to projects. 

Urban Design

Do you want to shape the future of sustainable urban environments?


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Content engineering

As a Content Engineer, you will be able to contribute new and in-demand knowledge about how to use AI in communication and marketing. The Content Engineer program is based on a mix of creativity, strategy, communication skills, and the ability to find, create, and use AI tools.

The program gives you the ability to not only understand but also creatively use AI tools to create and optimize content across various media – from text and images to film and music. Through Berghs' model of shared courses for different professional roles, you will work on real projects for real clients, while gaining a deeper understanding of different professional roles within the industry.

Do you want to be at the forefront of creative AI?


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