What Does a Content Engineer Do?

How can we more effectively reach our intended target audience? And how do we actually engage with AI when working with content? We address these questions and more as we explain what it truly means to work with content engineering.

What does a content engineer do?

Working as a Content Engineer involves a synergy between human creativity and AI, understanding both the possibilities of technology and the conditions of communication. A Content Engineer is someone who produces various elements such as text, images, and storytelling with the goal of reaching the intended target audience on multiple levels. The key to this lies in an understanding of both the human psyche and the endless possibilities of AI, as well as the ability to navigate effectively within and between these worlds. A Content Engineer is the bridge between creativity and analysis, using AI to create the future of communication in a world where technology becomes increasingly self-learning and automated.

What’s required to succeed in the role?

A Content Engineer is tech-savvy, analytical, and thinks systematically. They are passionate about communication and are empathetic team players. Striking the right tone and balance between personalisation and privacy protection, between creativity and predictability, becomes a delicate dance that defines the ethical dimensions of content engineering.

What role does a Content Engineer play in society?

By not only being a passive technology user but also an active contributing factor to its development, a Content Engineer plays a crucial role in refining new AI models, algorithms, and developing innovative applications that push the boundaries of what’s possible. A Content Engineer teaches us to understand and demystify AI, thereby contributing to driving future societal development.

How can you become a Content Engineer?

At Berghs School of Communication, you can apply for the full-time Content Engineering program. The program is perfect for those fascinated by the possibilities that AI brings and want to be part of shaping the future of communication. It also provides the ability to understand and creatively use AI tools to create and optimize content across various media, from text and images to film and music. Through Berghs' model of interdisciplinary courses, you will work on real projects for real clients while gaining a deeper understanding of various roles within the industry.