5 Tips for Creating a Better Application Task

Are you, like many others, wondering how to craft an outstanding application task to increase your chances of getting into one of Berghs' full-time programs? In this article, we've gathered 5 tips for those of you planning on applying to Berghs!

November 15, 2023

1. Start early

Creative work is rarely a straight line from start to finish. Expect to revise several parts of your application task multiple times. Don't worry; it's actually a positive process that will ultimately improve the overall quality. In order to have the flexibility to go back and make changes, or even start over, you need time. So, start early and give yourself the best chance to come up with even better ideas than your initial ones.

2. Plan your process

Sooner or later, the deadline will arrive, and it’ll be time to finalize your application task. To ensure you stay on track, it's helpful to have a plan for when each part of the task should be completed. Base your plan on the amount of time you can and want to dedicate to the task. Your plan can be adjusted, but having a foundation gives you a better chance of having everything in place as the deadline approaches, preventing last-minute stress.

3. Test your ideas on others

After working on an idea or a section of your application task for a while, it's easy to become a bit blind to its potential flaws. What even makes sense? Will anyone understand what I'm trying to convey? Which creative direction is the right one? Instead of trying to answer these questions on your own, it's often much better to ask others. The person you ask doesn't have to be someone well-versed in Berghs or your application task. For an idea to work and be understandable, it might be just as important (if not more) that your grandmother understands it as a friend working in an advertising agency. So, ask several people, test your ideas with many, and don't be afraid of feedback. That being said, remember that the solutions should be your own, and it's perfectly okay not to act on all the feedback you receive.

4. Have fun!

Application tasks largely reflect the type of tasks and challenges you may encounter if accepted into a full-time program at Berghs. It's intense and often challenging, but if you're the right fit for the program, you should also find a good part of it enjoyable. Try to discover the fun and playful aspects of the tasks!

5. Don't create a solution you think we want to see

We often receive questions about what we are looking for in application tasks. What works, what doesn't, and how can you improve your chances of advancing to an interview? The truth is, we want to see you and your ability to solve the application task – nothing else. So, approach the work sample in the way you feel is best, not based on what you think the reader wants to see.