Killistrator. Technology Will Destroy Human Illustration. Discuss.

We live on the edge of an artificial intelligence revolution that will change everything from industrial design to illustration. Or do we?

6 December 2022
17:00 18:00
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Join our live discussion as we explore the role of the illustrator in a changing technological landscape. 

Well discuss everything from how digital drawing and Photoshop changed illustration to what AI image generation systems like DALL-E mean for casual and professional image makers. 

And well discuss how illustration keeps gathering new tools and technologies in its storytelling toolbox. 

We'll be joined by Brian Rea, Program Director of Berghs new online Illustration course. Brian is a former Art Director of the New York Times Op-Ed Page and his award-winning illustrations appear each week alongside the newspapers column Modern Love. His clients include Apple, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Google, and more. 

Its sure to be a lively discussion. And youre invited to join it. Your thoughts and questions are welcome and encouraged - we want to help you better understand where you might fit in as a creative person too! 

It all happens on December 6th at 5 PM CET. Live-streamed from the comfort of your own home.

Dont miss out on this exciting topic - and we look forward to you drawing your conclusion. 

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