Berghs is awarded more than ever in this year's One Show

This year, One Show has ranked Berghs as the fourth-best school in the world in the field of communications. We at Berghs are incredibly proud of our students, who have won a total of 35 awards, setting a new record for our school.

Written by Maxime Jonsson
May 14, 2024

One Show, one of the leading competitions in the communications industry, is organized by The One Club for Creativity in New York. In the competition's student segment, 'The Young Ones,' students present their communication ideas across four different categories, with the opportunity to win gold, silver, or bronze pencils or cubes.

At Monday's awards ceremony at Sony Hall in New York, Berghs students won five golds, four silvers and ten bronzes. In addition, the students received 16 merits, bringing our total to 35 wins – eight more than our previous record year in 2018.

Svante Ahlman, Program Director for the Art Director/Copywriter Program at Berghs, is thrilled with the students' success.

Why have your students done so well this year?
- It's a combination of many factors, but aside from great talent, this year's graduating class stands out with its mix of hard work and kindness. The students have fostered an inclusive and generous culture where they take pride in contributing to each other's development and genuinely celebrate each other's successes. This attitude, leading to remarkable results, sets an excellent example for future Berghs classes and the industry they will soon enter.

Svante Ahlman, Program Director at Berghs.

What is the most important thing they learn to achieve success?
- The importance of each other. It may sound simple, but beyond classic Berghs approach like insight-driven idea work, and the ability to combine relevance with originality and logic with emotions, a well-functioning group that harnesses the diversity of perspectives in the team is an unfailing factor for success, says Svante Ahlman. 


Category: Client Brief Competition Winners

Velveeta - Show Us Your Receipts: Gold + Silver
Art Director: Saga Erickson & Miranda Kyker. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg & Elise Strandh

Velveeta - Vision Pro - Gold: Bronze
Art Director: Erik Günther, Mortimer Hedman. Copywriter: Oscar Larsson, Klas Kalderén

NotCo - 5th of July Marathon: Silver + Bronze
Art Director: Saga Erickson, Stella Jeansson. Copywriter: Ronja Svahn, Oscar Larsson

Fanta - Burn Alert: Silver + Bronze
Art Director: Clara Pagh, Mortimer Hedman. Copywriter: Ellen Almqvist, Klas Kaldéren

Dove - Anti-Aging For Kids: Silver
Art Director: Sandra Alwan & Miranda Kyker. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg & Elise Strandh

Fanta - Period: Bronze x 2
Art Director: Marcus Rönne. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg

Dove - The Ever-Changing Ad: Bronze
Art Director: Mahina Köhlin. Copywriter: Albert Bäckman. Designer: Augusta Sävblom, Isak Hagberg

Category: ADC Competition Winners

Sephora - The Game Face: 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Art Director: Stella Jeansson, Cajsa Winqvist, Miranda Kyker, Copywriter: Hanna Blomstrand, Lucas Klarén

Category: Portfolio Advertising Competition

Miranda Kyker, Art Director - Winner

Emil Sörensen, Art Director - Winner

Albert Bäckman, Copywriter - Winner