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On top of the world in One Show!


The Young Ones Festival is celebrated annually within Creative Week in New York City to inspire and future the next generation of advertising. This years student competition got more than 1 600 entries from all over the world, from the nominees there was 24 who was awarded with a prize. Five of the nominees where Berghs students and three of them got back home with an award.

Februari 13, 2014

Emelie Jinhee Johnsson and Rachel La Chenardière, who both gradates from Berghs Advertising – Art Director/Copywriter program this spring, won the Gold Pencil with Mickel JiunnTzer Yu, who will finish his first year at the same program, for their entry ”Apartment”. 

Congratulations! You won yesterday, how does it feel?
Thanks! We’re stoked! And a bit hoarse, thanks to the celebrations last night at a karaoke bar.

How did it feel when they called your name?
It was unreal, when all of the bronze pencils was gone and then the silver ones we knew it would either mean that somethings got mixed up in the system or… That we had won! When they called our names we we’re beyond-words-excited! We were one big storm of emotions and color, we accidently coordinated the colors of our clothes, and just jumped up and down on stage.

Why do you think you were the winning entry?
Our concept was complicated which made us stand out. We took two things and made them bigger, something that also was a win-win for all parts invilved. Maybe that’s what matters in the end, to find the small things that reenforces one another.

Why do you think Berghs stand so strong compared to other schools?
I think it can have something to do with that Berghs students live and breath culture. Sweden, internationally, have so much to offer in innovative culture and art, and the students at Berghs are good at embracing it.

Another team who packed an award in their luggage to take home was Anna Lundqvist and Felix Nilsson from the Advertisment class, who worked with Afshin Piran from Graphic Design, and Naveli Paolina Yadihra Kremb from Reklamskolan, who won the Silver Pencil for their project Spotify Street Project.

Some of the entries gets chosen for the so called ”Client Pitch”. The Client Pitch Competition offers students a chance to win an award by pitching their Young Ones Competition entries to a group of top creatives and client representative. While the Young Ones Competition is judged solely by creative excellence and idea, the Client Pitch Competition is judged by the participants’ ability to create and articulate a focused strategy and the persuasiveness of the marketing pitch.

This year a team form Berghs / Beckmans was chosen – Johan Leborg, Daniel Jacobsson and Fabian Lakander from the Advertising class at Berghs, and Petter Monsen from Beckmans. They pitched their case on Monday and won on Tuesday. The prize was 2 000 dollars and, ofcourse, the honor.

The team also won the Silver Pencil for their entry ”Unspotted Stockholm”.

Wow! One entry and two awards, congratultaions! How does it feel today?
Fabian: Thank you so so much! It feels great!
Daniel: So good! We all agree on the turn outs of yesterday couldn’t be any better!

What was the feeling when your names was called?
Fabian: Weird. And cool at the same time. The coolest part though was when they called our names for the Client Pitch, we had no idea so it went straight through the heart! It reminded me of why I practised so many sports as a kid, the feeling of winning is amazing.

Why do you think you won the Client Pitch?
Daniel: We had a good idea with a good implementation which we managed to find a creative way to package.
Fabian: Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe because we spoke from the heart of our case. We love music and are hoplessly inlove with the festival concept, and I think it showed.

You’re in year one, how will this affect you, winning Pencils and Pitches this early?
Daniel: It means a lot. It’s proof of us beeing competent, and that we have fun with what we do. Because if we don’t have fun we don’t perform as well.
Fabian: I think this will make us believe in our selves more. It’s proof of us beeing on the right track, if nothing els. We thought we stood no chance against all the fun americans, but turns out we did pretty good. It feels great! We want to give a special thanks to Lisa Nilsson Sandgren and all of the other teachers who pushed us to practice how to pitch!

As a total Berghs students got one Golden Pencil, two Silver Pencils and a win in the Client Pitch. Congratulations to all of you!

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