Berghs Ranked Amongst Top 5 Schools Worldwide

In the last five years, Berghs has continued to impress at One Show's student competition "Young Ones," ranking amongst the Top 5 schools in the world and the best school in Europe. At the 2022 Young Ones awards, Berghs continued to cement its place as one of the most successful communication schools in the world, with all 17 student entries taking home a prize across categories.

May 17, 2022

At this year's student section of the prestigious One Show Competition "Young Ones," 24 Berghs students stole the show with a whopping 17 prizes across the competition's categories. Ranked amongst the Top 5 schools in the world and the Top 2 in Europe, Berghs students took home prizes from gold to merits and everything in between. Our students continue to make us proud.

Beating out other of entries, Berghs was ranked #1 in the Young Ones, One Show Category, #5 in the Young Ones Portfolio Category, and #7 in the Young Ones ADC category! With creative problem-solving at the heart of everything we do, Berghs students continue to demonstrate how communications excellence and action-based learning contribute to shaping the industry's next communicators. Take a look at our students' award-winning work below, led by Berghs' educator Rikard Linder.

DoorDash: Watch Your Food

Students: Frida Wiita, Emelie Ravelli, Agnes Nisbel Fjäll
Category: Pencil

Spotify: Dream Mode

Students: Filip Xu, Christopher Runström, Elias Karlsson, Adam Lundgren
Category: Pencil

Spotify: Main Character

Students: Nelly Engström, Shilan Shewki, Nina Björkmyr
Category: Pencil

DoorDash: Say it in a Dash

Students: Max Anderholm, Nicolas Lindberg, Anna Zetterlund, Sofie Edman
Category: Pencil

Budweiser: The Budcut

Students: Nelly Engström, Shilan Shewki, Emelie Åslev, Simon Ghidey, Irma Lokrantz
Category: Pencil


Students: Jonatan Ahlin, Shilan Shewki, Nina Björkmyr, Smilla Luuk
Category: Cube

The Crybaby Paradox

Students: Nicolas Lindberg, Fabian Luthander, Josefina Norén, Erica Hungler
Category: Cube

Rimowa: Alumni

Students: Smilla Luuk
Category: Cube

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