Line studied Advanced Advertising to get familiar with the Swedish advertising space

Line Jess is the creative London-born Swede who came back to Sweden after finishing her studies in the US. Even though Line grew up with Scandinavian parents, she almost felt new to Sweden again. She quickly realized she needed to get familiar with the Swedish advertising world in order to start off her Scandinavian career, so she went ahead and studied the 15-week course Advanced Advertising within Brand Strategy at Berghs. We've spoken with Line about Berghs, the importance of having fun while working hard, and her very random obsession of blue Powerade. Enjoy!

Hi Line! Tell us about yourself.
I like to describe myself as a slightly Americanized, London-born Swede. I have Scandinavian parents but was born and raised in London. And when I was 16 I wanted something new, so I went to the US to finish off high school, and ended up staying in the US for college as well. But now I'm back!

How did you end up at Berghs?
I came back to Sweden after my college graduation and started a job. It ended up not being a great fit for me and I missed doing strategy and planning. Even though I'm from here, I almost felt "new" to Sweden again so I needed to get familiar with the Swedish advertising space. Berghs is not only one of the best schools to learn but also a great place to get to know the industry and what is expected of you.

Why Advanced Advertising within Brand Strategy?
As soon as I stepped my foot in planning and strategy in the US, I knew that's what I was going to do. I did a Bachelor's in Psychology and at the end of my Bachelor's I also added strategic communication into the mix. That led to a strategy internship in LA, and when I came back to Sweden I just wanted to deep dive and get even better at it.

How was it like studying in an international class?
I think it's the best thing you can do. It opens you up to many different perspectives. Especially in advertising, it's important to understand that your perspective isn't the only one, and hardly ever the most important. Studying in an international class lets you collaborate and understand people from other cultures and backgrounds, and it ultimately helps you in the execution of your work.

What were your takeaways from your time at Berghs?
As cliché as it might be, Berghs is everything you make of it. You have to put the work in, so work hard and you'll do great. And along the way there will be plenty of amazing people who will want to see you succeed during the course but also after. It's always a place you can come back to.

What's your best advice for someone who's thinking about studying Advanced Advertising at Berghs?
Work hard but please also HAVE FUN, don't take it too seriously. I had to remind myself of this a lot to be honest. But like, it's advertising... We're not saving lives. We're creating things that are interesting to look at and hopefully meaningful to people. And having fun along the way will make your work better.

Any favorite pick or guilty pleasure you want to share? 
I love some blue Powerade sometimes.... And also Love Island UK.

What's your future plans?
I've just finished a freelance project and now looking to continue somewhere new and exciting #HireMe. Until I find that place, I keep myself busy designing my own earrings. listening to podcasts and taking way too long of walks.

Check out Line's work here:


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