Last application date is 27 August

Creative Boot camp

  • See problems different
  • Develop new creative techniques
  • Present with impact

Berghs Creative Boot Camp is an intensive 48-hour creative workout. It’s made for people who are hungry for new tools and want to build their creative skills and confidence for the future. It’s designed to challenge your mind to make it stronger and more creative.

New Course

13-16 October

Last application date is 27 August
19 000 SEK

You’ll organize into small teams (in real life, not on screen) to solve problems that will knock you out of any creative rut you find yourself in. You’ll have two days to outline, ideate, research, prototype, and pitch. And coached to do the best creative work you’ve ever done.

Day 1:

Morning: Learn to frame problems as creative opportunities
Afternoon: Battle-tested techniques for generating and assessing ideas

Day 2:

Morning: The power of storytelling and a powerful pitch
Afternoon: Presentations, feedback, and how to keep creativity flowing

You’ll be blown away by how much you learn in just 2 days.

How does it work?

This course is delivered IRL at Berghs School of Communication and is facilitated by industry professionals. It consists of 2 intense days of inspiration, tools, practical work, and networking opportunities. Fika and a light lunch are included.

We keep classes small and dynamic. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. We take a pragmatic and practical approach to Creative Boot Camp. You’ll make new friends and connections with people as eager to develop as you are. Berghs issue a course certificate upon completion.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who those who are hungry to get better
  • People ready to step up in their creativity in all kinds of careers
  • Folk who know their body and mind work best together
  • Individuals who are still curious about the world
  • Humans who think the future can be better than the past
  • People who are happy to be wrong and can change their mind
  • Creatives who want to fight for what they believe in
  • Everyone who play hards in a respectful way, to do great work

Who isn’t this course for?

  • Those who just want to get out of the office for a few days
  • Anyone who just wants “Berghs” on their LinkedIn
  • People who are not prepared to challenge their habits
  • Those who are lazy in the mind or body
  • People think they always have the best ideas in the room
  • Anyone who just wants to rest on their current professional achievements
  • People who are rude or boring

Course Director

mikael-rosen-berghsAdam Horne is a Creative Director from Australia, based at Berghs School of Communication. Adam’s worked professionally and lectured in France and Australia. His real job is to help people and organizations find their voice and use it to fix problems in expected and unexpected ways, with communication and creativity at the core.

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Application and Admission Requirements

Course fee

Fee incl. VAT
19 000 SEK

Fee excl. VAT
15 200 SEK

Local VAT may apply, read more . The currency converter offers an estimate. Final amounts may differ.

New Course

13-16 October

Last application date is 27 August
19 000 SEK

Creative Boot Camp for Teams

It’s the perfect way of building creative muscle within your team. Our next two-day Boot Camp runs onsite Friday, October 21, and Monday, October 24. We also offer group discounts and personal training to tackle your specific needs.

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You’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions here

Course Dates:

Friday October 13th and Monday, October 16th

Time: 09.00-16.00

What do you get after the course?

  • Creative tools to reframe and attack future problems
  • Ideation techniques applicable to any future task
  • Presentation skills with your own personal flavor that help ideas hit your audience
  • Confidence in your creative power
  • Experience in working creatively, quickly and effectively 


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