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22 companies get a boost from 176 hungry Berghs students

It's time. Bergh's full-time students face their last assignment before entering the workforce. But first, they must bring real solutions to real companies by solving their unique communication problems powerfully and innovatively. We're matching 22 companies with 176 students in cross-functional teams over the next 6 weeks.

This year's company is an exciting mix of companies - from startups, retailers, consultants, and industrial and advocacy companies - across B2C and B2B. They have a common need: to conceptualize, package and position their brands more effectively. And also, the need to move from raising awareness to increased engagement on social media.

This years' client and their challenge:

  • ATG: Increase commitment and attract more people to trotting games.
    Supervisor: Carl-Johan Mölstad, World Domination Inc.
  • Blocket: increase knowledge and commitment to the climate benefits of the service.
    Supervisor: Jonathan Hise Kaldma, Tiger & Kiwi.
  • Cosmetech Holding: identity and profiling a new global concept.
    Supervisors: Sofia Kacim, Kacim Comm.
  • Defunc: A new brand platform with lifestyle-oriented communication.
    Supervisor: Johanna Karlsson, Pearly Jo.
  • Klarna: Position the brand in the US as the ultimate shopping experience.
    Supervisor: Lisa Walder, Maniola Studios.
  • Kunskapsskolan: Develop the brand and strengthen communication.
    Supervisor: Åsa Marklund, Emakina DBG.
  • Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund: Encourage younger peole to eat locally produced food.
    Supervisor: Ludvig Olsson, Trickle.
  • Lead 4 Change: Position and raise awareness for a leading leadership company.
    Supervisor: Rosie Kropp, Lavandel.
  • Plant Vision: Raise awareness of Life Science services.
    Supervisor: Karl Kardemark, Valtech.
  • Sandvik: Develop a communication platform to attract next-generation talent.
    Supervisor: Leo Holte, Klarna.
  • SFAB: Create a new communication plan and brand positioning.
    Supervisor: Nicole Kavander, All of us.
  • Sinch: Disrupt the industry through product design and packaging.
    Supervisor: Robin Cedvin, Independent Art Director & Creative.
  • Speed ​​Services: Broaden the appeal and expand the audience.
    Supervisor: Johanna Johansson, Ingo.
  • Spelfriheten: Communicate to gambling addicts in a supportive way.
    Supervisor: Sedir Ajeenah, 29K.
  • Swedish Diabetes Association: Fundraising strategies that strengthen their leadership position.
    Supervisor: Lamin Sonko, Majority.
  • Starstable: Identify and engage new players in and out of Sweden.
    Supervisor: Frida Norfors, Conversionista.
  • Södra Årefjällen Tourism Economic Association: Develop and communicate an upgraded mountain experience.
    Supervisor: Roshanak Fatahian, Volontaire.
  • Techbuddy: Launch a brand new buddy platform.
    Supervisor: Jakob Jansson, Mentor Sweden.
  • TV4: Broaden and refine communication with B2B partners.
    Supervisor: Rickard Willard, KIND co Labs.
  • Visit Sweden: Package and communicate their "the digital meal press journey".
    Supervisor: Sophia Wood, Studio SW.
  • Wella Professionals: Positioning as the obvious choice in the hair-colour category.
    Supervisor: Hanna Axelryd, Peak Performance.
  • Widerlöv & Co: Strengthen the brand through geographical expansion.
    Supervisor: Sevgi Camuz, Qliro.


Bergh's degree projects occur during April and May every year, with companies gaining access to a uniquely potent mix of tomorrow's communicators. Each group includes about seven students from the school's various programs: Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Art Direction, Copywriting, Communication Design, Digital Design & Strategy, Growth Marketing, and Production Management.


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