These Are the Students to Watch Out for According to D&AD Judges

Berghs students have been awarded three graphite pencils in the New Blood Awards for students, graduates, and aspiring creatives. Not only have three teams been awarded for their entries but six portfolios have also been highlighted by the judges.

In fierce competition with students from all over the world, three Berghs student teams worked on briefs given by Barclays and giffgaff and made it all the way to receiving a graphite pencil each in the 2023 New Blood Awards, check out their entries below:

Face Your Spendings - Barclays

  • Amanda Gameel
  • Isabelle de Susini
  • Malou Ruotsalainen
  • Ida Nordeng

Mañana - Barclays

  • Hanna Rönnås
  • Christopher Runström
  • Lars Johan Andersson
  • Karl Sporre

Benefit All - giffgaff

  • Alma Dias-Taguatinga
  • Sigrid Langenskiöld

“This idea was born during one of our last courses at Berghs and we continued to work on it afterwards. Receiving an award like this, one month after graduation, feels like a nice reminder to give ourselves an extra pat on the shoulder after an intense but fun final semester at Berghs,” says the team behind Face Your Spendings (Amanda Gameel, Isabelle de Susini, Malou Ruotsalainen och Ida Nordeng).

More than 50 industry-leading judges have also selected six Berghs student portfolios to showcase from over 900 entries as some creatives to watch out for:

Alva Saveby & Peyvand Ahmedi

Tobias Frelén

David Paripovic

Martin Pålman

Jenny Hedlund

Eric Gomér

Tobias Frelén’s portfolio was among the showcased selection.

“It obviously feels great to get recognised for something that one has spent so much time on putting together and refining, but also being showcased in a context with so many talented creatives from the whole world! One’s portfolio is never finished, so these kinds of milestones are worth celebrating,” says Tobias.

“We want to congratulate all the winners of the New Blood Awards! The awards serve as a platform to showcase the next generation of creative minds, and we are thrilled to see Berghs students being recognized among them,” says Berghs CEO Camilla Wallander.