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One Day Nordic – intensive learning in Copenhagen

We are happy to announce the introduction of One Day Nordic, two one-day courses held in Copenhagen this September. Choose from Decentralizing Innovation and Process Design & Facilitation to speed your way to new knowledge and fresh insights.

Written by David Lindh
April 15, 2019

Over the course of one intensive day in Copenhagen, we offer two popular courses:

Process Design & Facilitation

This interactive day will give you the inspiration and practical training necessary to design and deliver transformative experiences, whether at your company, with your team, or for an external event. The day will feature workshops but also allow time for reflection.

Decentralizing Innovation

This course will provide you with the know-how to lead a decentralized innovation process, a very important dimension for companies going through a digital transformation. You will receive insights into various innovation processes, including Google Design Sprints, Spark, and Design Thinking. On this day, we will spend extra time on Spark.