5 Reading Recommendations for Your Winter Break 

2023 is quickly drawing to an end! We encourage you to put down your screens and instead pick up a book during the holiday break. Here are 5 reading recommendations that might give you a new perspective on communication.

December 6, 2023

The Extended Mind by Annie M. Paul

Do you have a challenge to solve? Use your brain! Or, hold on, is that really the best way to think and solve problems? It’s easy to think that the way to be our smartest self is through conscious focus, thinking to find solutions. It turns out that research shows that we become smarter when we use more than “just” our thinking. Physical movement, space, and more have an impact on how our brain works and how we can optimize problem solving. 

Wintering by Katherine May

That the pace of winter makes many species of animals and plants hibernate or slow down is something we’re all familiar with. However,  humans usually keep going at the same speed all year round. Wintering is an interesting memoir that demonstrates how we can surrender to the idea of wintering, not only in terms of the winter season but also in life’s phases. Katherine May writes about examples from her own life, but also from different cultures and nature.

Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

In order for us to understand the time we live in, both from a geopolitical and security perspective, we can look to history and geography. Tim Marshall’s book takes the reader on a global journey through different continents and explain how various geographical conditions have shaped politics, wars, trade, etc. throughout history (and makes us understand how they have affected the times we live in).

Range by David Epstein

Many of us might be convinced that the best way to succeed at something is to specialize as early as possible and get those infamous 10,000 hours in order to become the best at something. In this book, David Epstein sets out to prove that the opposite might be true. That there is a lot of evidence demonstrating that generalists actually fare better in roles that demand complexity and creativity.

Invisible Women - Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez

Caroline Criado Perez’s award-winning book shows examples from different countries of how women and their data is continuously ignored in design, urban design, safety, and other fields. If you’re working on anything that has to do with designing for humans, this is an eye-opening read.