3 Tips on Breaking Through the Noise with AI

Reaching your target audience in today's media noise is not always easy. The overflow of content, where everyone tries to outdo each other in the pursuit of increasing followers, views, and clicks, places higher demands on creativity and a broader understanding of various communication forms. So, how can we facilitate this process, generate greater impact, and simultaneously go beyond our own limitations with the help of AI? Here, our Head of Insights, Joakim Thulin, shares his top tips.

  1. Clarify Your Strategy with a Defined Goal in Mind

Stay on task and get to know your audience. AI provides you with a fantastic opportunity to understand your audience by offering different perspectives and insights that you may not have thought of. Remember that all communication happens on the recipient's terms, and the outcome is determined by the groundwork you've done, i.e., the prompt. Garbage in - garbage out.

  1. Evolve Your Communication

If you're only using text, add audio. If you're only audio, add visuals. If you're using text, audio, and visuals, develop your storytelling. AI can assist you with everything from text, audio, and visuals to storytelling and ideas on how to connect the dots. You can start from your basic idea and use AI as a sounding board, discovering new perspectives on your characters that you didn't know existed. All these ingredients help you evolve yourself, your creations, your communication, and, most importantly, help you better understand your target audience and how to reach them more effectively.

  1. Use the Right AI Tools for the Right Purpose

Recast is an AI tool that generates a podcast from text. Firefly or Canva help you generate images, much like DALL-E (which can also be easily used directly in ChatGPT) or Midjourney, which may cater more to advanced users. Regardless of your choice, embracing new perspectives on what is possible will take you to entirely new levels, as long as you dare to be open to all the possibilities in front of you.

Applications open in January 2024.

*Image by Teno Cabrera Rodríguez